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Watch The Nick Lidstrom Press Conference

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Here's the Presser. Here's the page on

So, how did everybody sleep last night? Me? I slept like crap. Today's going to be rough. There's some good news at least for people who want to watch Nick Lidstrom's press conference.

Per a tweet from the official Red Wings' Twitter page.

Also, if you're local to the area, Fox Sports Detroit has it for you as well.

The assumption, based on sources too numerous to list, is that Lidstrom will announce his retirement during today's press conference. You will be able to watch it on the Wings' website or on NHL Network as it starts. There's not a direct link up just yet, but we'll update as soon as we have one.

If you're able to watch, please help those who can't. We'll try to run a bit of running commentary in the comments to keep people informed. If any news breaks before then, we'll put it here as well.