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Official Red Wings Nicklas Lidstrom Retirement Video

Fantastic highlights from Nick Lidstrom's career and a video thanks from the organization at and the dust in this room simply refuses to settle.

If you're like me and want to spend all day watching Nick Lidstrom highlight videos, but enough not like me where you actually can, head over to where the header video sits and start there, as the Wings' official videocenter has a ton of career highlights, as well as some reaction to his retirement.

If you're more interested in the still pictures, they also have a photo gallery up.

Fox Sports Detroit is also featuring the three-part Wingspan video they did of Lidstrom earlier in the season, as well as some good articles from Keating and the crew.

Lots of follow-up news about the future of the organization and other players will be coming, but for right now we just want to celebrate Nick Lidstrom and his once-in-a-lifetime greatness.