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Hey Ellie, What's Your Favorite Kids' Show? 'Blues Lose'? Mine Too: Sunday Open Thread

We call this one 'The Quick and the Dead'.
We call this one 'The Quick and the Dead'.

I'm back, bitches.

What a week. Between the birth of my second daughter (and the awesome outpouring of support from all of you) to what's been going on in the Western Conference Semifinals, I've had a good one. Two series resume today with one pre-series favorite on the ropes and the other trying to avoid that position.

Also, I just want to say about yesterday's non-NHL hockey: USA! USA! USA!

St. Louis Blues (2) vs. Los Angeles Kings (8) - 3:00 NBC: Noted neanderthal doofus Barret Jackman went -3 on Thursday night as the Kings slapped the Blues around and once again beat them at their own game. The odds-on favorite to win the Jack Adams is having his ass forklift-delivered to him by a Darryl Sutter-led squad that does everything they do, only better. St. Louis will look to have an excuse to open the doors on the dump that is the Scottrade Center at least one more time this season. They should probably try getting some goal scoring from people who aren't Chris Stewart, or at least try to hypnotize Brian Elliott into remembering that the Kings shouldn't be putting up four per game on him.

St. Louis Game Time (Blues)
Jewels From The Crown (Kings)

Philadelphia Flyers (5) vs. New Jersey Devils (6) - 7:30 NBCSN: Ilya Kovalchuk had a hell of a Game 3 after missing the previous one with injury and the Devils have a chance to put the screws to the Flyers with a win tonight. Leading playoff scorer Claude Giroux has been mostly invisible in this round, which is awful if he's going to keep averaging more than 24:30 per game in this series. It seems Philly can't win unless they get to at least 4 goals. Then again, perhaps trying to hold the Devils to a lower number so they don't have to score so much would also be a good strategy. Either way, Philly needs to find a game plan and actually stick with it.

Broad Street Hockey (Flyers)
In Lou We Trust (Devils)