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Monday Night Open Thread: Preds on the Brink

The Blues are gone and I am happy. I could be happier late tonight if the game in Glendale goes well. News is that Bettman will address the Coyotes' ownership situation tonight before that game, so that won't be a distraction or anything.

Washington Capitals (7) vs. New York Rangers (1) - 7:30 NBCSN: We've got a best-of-three working between these two teams now after the Caps won a hard-fought Game 4. Tonight's game at Madison Square Garden will put somebody in the driver's seat. Can the Rangers stay out of the box? Can the Capitals head back to the Verizon Center with a chance to close out another upset? How the hell should I know? You ask too many questions.

Blueshirt Banter (Rangers)
Japers' Rink (Capitals)

Nashville Predators (4) vs. Phoenix Coyotes (3) - 10:00 NBCSN: Apparently, this game will start on CNBC before moving over to the big network after the early game ends. This series could be over tonight, depending on whether Raddletits can make a difference and if Mike Smith can keep making a difference. I'll be cheering loudly for every Coyotes goal, all five of them.

Five for Howling (Coyotes)
Section 303 (Predators)