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Hockey Hump-Day Thread: Will the 2nd Round End Tonight?

Oh man. Wrong picture AGAIN? What is going on here?
Oh man. Wrong picture AGAIN? What is going on here?

NHL Teams are a dying breed these days, just like [political joke redacted]. We've already got the Western Conference Finals matchup between the 'Yotes and Kings. We already know the winner of the Washington/New York series will face the New Jersey Devils after they knocked off the Flyers last night. Just one series left to decide.

New York Rangers (1) vs. Washington Capitals (7) - 7:30 NBCSN: The games themselves have jumped up and down on the excitement meter, but the overall tug-and-pull of the series makes it a good one. The Rangers have won all the odd games while the Caps have won the evens. The good news for the Caps is that this is an even. The bad news is that if the trend bucks tonight instead of later, their season will be over. Game 5 was all set to do just that, but a Joel Ward high-sticking double-minor led to a game-tying Brad Richards goal with 8 seconds and the OT game-winner by Marc Staal. I'm rooting for the Caps tonight just because I want this to go to seven games. Then I want the Rangers to win Game 7 so I can get ONE 2nd round prediction right.

Blueshirt Banter (Rangers)
Japers' Rink (Capitals)