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The Didn't Cancel the Finals, So Let's Have an Open Thread

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How does balance work, Dustin?
How does balance work, Dustin?

So they decided to keep playing hockey after Lidstrom's retirement. An interesting decision, to be sure, but I guess it's the right one. It's also Gary Bettman's birthday. I hear he put out the candles on his cake by putting it outside and locking the door until the candles just burned themselves out. Of course, it made the cake taste bad, but at least he proved his point.

Los Angeles Kings (8) vs. New Jersey Devils (6) - 8:00 NBC: The Kings have yet to lose a game on the road in the playoffs, so they're probably due after Anze Kopitar's Game 1 OT winner on Wednesday. The Devils got outplayed to start that game, but they made some adjustments that made it close. They've been very good in this playoffs at making adjustments. While Game 1 wasn't high-scoring, it was entertaining. Can Game 2 live up to that?

In Lou We Trust (Devils)
Jewels From the Crown (Kings)

Tonight's Prediction: Devils win on a power play goal created by what will be called the worst penalty call of the series.