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Quick Hits: Free Agency Eve Eve

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Bet you didn't know Frk could levitate a puck with his mind, did you?
Bet you didn't know Frk could levitate a puck with his mind, did you?

Hockeytown: Hurry the hell up and get here, July

The Leino Scale | Octopus Thrower
The Leino Scale - rating NHL contracts on everyone's favorite horrible contract - Ville Leino!

The Wizard of Os: How Will the Red Wings Look in 2012-13?
PG Marsh takes a look at the Wings going forward and how they might look after this year's free agent class clears up.

The Malik Report : Here’s Red Wings coach Mike Babcock’s appearance on NHL Live
Babs was on NHL live discussing the Wings yesterday.

Final word from Holland on Justin Schultz | Red Wings Front
Ken Holland is playing it cool about Justin Schultz's blowing them off. Mostly because having the same reaction I did would have been bad for the WIngs.

Around the League

Report: Canucks Sign Schneider To A 3-Year Deal, Plus: Dreger Talks Luongo - Nucks Misconduct
The goalie situation is Vancouver just got a lot clearer. Get ready to say hello to Roberto Luongo of the Florida Panthers.

Crosby contract extension announced before free agency...for a reason - PensBurgh
Crosby also got a new contract! 12 years at 104 million is actually a hell of a bargain if he can stay healthy.

Jonathan Quick Signs 10-Year Deal - Battle of California
Jonathan Quick is making Cristobal Huet money for the next ten years. Fortunately for the Kings, Jonathan Quick doesn't suck.

Et Tu, Cheveldayoff? Rask Signs Reasonable One-Year, $3.5M Deal With Bruins - Stanley Cup of Chowder
Lalala signing people. Lalala I don't care.

Matt Carle to test free agency, says report - Broad Street Hockey
Carle will test the waters of free-agency to see what he can get. I still think he's going to do what the Preds said Suter will do and will gather offers, then sign the equivalent best one with his original team.

There's hope people, July is almost here.