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Saturday Open Thread: One More Day

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You see that quote down there, Jim?  I said that.
You see that quote down there, Jim? I said that.

So the only news we expect to hear today is news on the Justin Schultz decision. Apparently the Oilers had a few of the guys from the dynasty years try to get in and sell him on the program. He's going to announce today because Justin Schultz's decision means precisely zilch tomorrow when real NHLers start signing.

In Red Wings news, we got a bit of a scare yesterday when the Macomb Daily's Chuck Pleiness reported some Ken Holland quotes that sounded an awful lot like things he said last summer and at the trade deadline about how he likes the Wings' roster and that by-and-large he expects a lot of the pieces that are already here to be able to pick up the slack left by departure and flat out disappointing performances.

"We’ve got cap space, we’ll explore the market, but it’s got to make sense," Wings general manager Ken Holland said Friday. "We have lots of pieces in place, players ready to step up and play a bigger role. Some of this has to be internal evolution."

Ansar Khan follows up with news that the Wings will have their final strategy session today where they'll set the plan and make sure they're all on the same page in regards to who they're targeting and what the contingencies are. Khan mentions the same stuff we've been talking about. The Wings want a top-six scoring winger, a top-pairing defenseman, and a value-priced backup for Jimmy Howard.

FInally, Ted Kulfan from the Detroit News has the line I've been looking for to make me calm down a bit from yesterday's discussion where Holland essentially said they're going to be smart which also seemed to read as if to say "we're not going to do anything." It's dumb, but we're a day away from free agency and I needed to read this.

"We are going to be aggressive," Holland said. "I like a lot about our team, but we'd like to add some pieces."

Smart, but aggressive. Do it, Kenny.