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Stanley Cup Finals Open Thread: The Return of the Kings

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Brodeur catches... the scent of hot dogs in the air.
Brodeur catches... the scent of hot dogs in the air.

Hey, LA, you're in the finals! That's cool and all, but we're going to need you to start your home games at 5 O'clock so the East Coast doesn't fall asleep before the game's over. Cool, right?

New Jersey Devils (6) vs. Los Angeles Kings (8) - 8:00 EST NBC: The Kings are tired of only scoring 2 goals in their victories, so they put Simon Gagne back in the lineup to see if they can avoid overtime. Well, it's also because Brad Richardson is hurt. There may be other factors at play as well. Gagne hasn't played enough games to automatically get his name on the cup and this would do it for him. It might help fire up the crowd against what is sure to be an aggressive start from the Devils. It's also not too much pressure on the guy who will be the 2500th most-famous face in the Staples Center tonight. On the Devils' side... uhh.... they play.... hockey. Or something... whatever.

In Lou We Trust (Devils)
Jewels From the Crown (Kings)

Prediction: Kings win, "Gagne for Conn Smythe" jokes rule Twitter tomorrow.