Winter classic ticket info

I’ve never posted here before, but I read this site all the time. I became a wings season ticket holder this year and I received information on the winter classic tickets today. I thought I would share some of the stuff, so everyone knew what to expect when they become available to the public. Tickets for the winter classic itself start at $89.00 then continue 129.00, 149.00, 189.00, 219.00, 249.00, and 279.00. Not including taxes or fees. You also have to buy one ticket to the great lakes invitational per winter classic ticket you buy, in order to complete your package. Those prices are 18.00, 28.00, and 38.00. The season ticket holder book says that overflow tickets will be made available to the public later this summer. And that the alumni showdown tickets will not be made available to anyone until later this summer. Just thought id share the info I could on classic.

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