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Welcome Back, Sammy: Detroit Signs Mikael Samuelsson to Two-Year Deal

Oh man, this is crazy. Various sources are reporting that Mikael Samuelsson has signed a two-year deal with the Detroit Red Wings for $6M. Additionally, Samuelsson's contract comes with a full no-trade clause.

Mikael Samuelsson

#26 / Right Wing / Florida Panthers



Dec 23, 1976

2011 - Mikael Samuelsson 54 14 17 31 1 20 7 0 1 138

Samuelsson is 35 years old and has played for seven different franchises, most-recently the Florida Panthers, the team to which he was traded from the Vancouver Canucks.

Sammy previously played four years with the Red Wings from 2005-06 to 2009, where he left to seek the fortune he had earned from his time winning a cup with Detroit. As a right-shot, he'll add that much-needed skill to the Wings' 2nd line and can play on the power play unit. He has a good shot, when it's on target. Samuelsson is also easily-described as an angry asshole, having famously told the press that the Swedish National team could "go fuck themselves" after being left off the 2010 Olympic roster.

Here's exclusive video of WIIM Gentleman Jeff Hancock's reaction to the signing.

Honestly, the no-trade clause is just awful. Samuelsson at $3M is also a bit more than I feel he deserves, but it's the no-trade clause that's the problem. However, if he can get back to the 30-goal scorer that he was in 2009-10, this would be a steal.