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Quick Hits: Detroit Will Not Become Nash-ville

You tell by the look on Hank's face that even he was shocked by the hellacious mystery offer for Nash (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)
You tell by the look on Hank's face that even he was shocked by the hellacious mystery offer for Nash (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)
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Hockeytown, No Limits

Red Wings made big pitch for Rick Nash, but Columbus not willing to deal with Detroit |
Oh man, wouldn't we all love to know what the hell was in that offer. If I had to guess it would be some combination of Franzen, Filppula, Nyquist, Jurco....maybe Pulkkinen, some picks and more? Diggers need to keep digging.

Wings GM Ken Holland "optimistic" deal will get done with Quincey before arbitration hearing next Wednesday | Red Wings Front
Considering the Red Wings only have 5 defensemen currently under contract with the big club (including Brendan Smith), this is good news.

Justin Abdelkader looking to cash in strong world championship tourney with Red Wings - NHL - Sporting News
Yeeeeeah...I don't think a strong world championship all by itself warrants a big raise. Let's not forget about the average/underwhelming season last year.

KuklasKorner : Puck Stops Here : Detroit Has The Best Team Corsi
That's cool if you're into the whole Corsi thing.

Around the NHL

Hard to take NHL's harsh offer seriously | Hockey | CBC Sports
According to several players, one of Fehr's major points of emphasis is eliminating the mentality that every time there's a new collective bargaining agreement, you must agree to give back something. He's telling them that the salary lost since 2005 is now in the wealthy teams' coffers and it's up to the owners to fix, not the players.

Brophy on NHL: Mega-deals are tying hands -
Mike Brophy saw the same problem I did in the Rick Nash trade talks and decided that the better option would be the one the players would absolutely refuse to do: give up NTCs & NMCs for good. Yeah, that's not happening.

Mendes: What fans should hope for in the NHL's new CBA
Hey, they're... ideas.

Movie Review: "Goon" Is A Raunchy Yet Candid Look At The Dark Side Of Hockey - Defending Big D
At it's core, Goon is a movie with a good and sweet heart. A very raunchy and disgustingly bloody heart, but a good heart nonetheless.

Why Shane Doan Shouldn't Sign a One Year Deal - Five For Howling
I can't imagine Doan signing for only a year. He'll get multiple-year offers somewhere.

New Jersey Devils Named Scott Stevens & Matt Shaw as Assistant Coaches - In Lou We Trust
Scott Stevens will help coach the Devils. Good, somebody to teach Cam Janssen how to more-effectively headhunt!

Ondrej Pavelec, Jets release statements about DUI | ProHockeyTalk
Pavelec pled guilty to his DUI charge and is taking full responsibility. That's a great start. I hope he learned his lesson.

Edmonton council hopes to bring new Oilers arena budget back down to $450M | ProHockeyTalk
Edmonton is helping foot the bill for a $450M arena to be run by one of North America's largest pharmaceutical magnates.

Let's Go Red Wings.