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Kyle Quincey Re-Signs with Red Wings for Two Years, Avoids Arbitration

Two more years of Quincanity
Two more years of Quincanity

A short while ago, Darren Dreger tweeted that the Red Wings had come to an agreement with RFA defenseman Kyle Quincey to retain the soon-to-be-27-year-old's services without the painful mess of an arbitration hearing. Well now we have the details of the deal

Helene St. James breaks it:

That's a $3.775M cap hit.

Kyle Quincey

#27 / Defenseman / Detroit Red Wings



Aug 12, 1985

2011 - Kyle Quincey 72 7 19 26 -1 89 4 0 1 168

Locking up Quincey fills the Red Wings' need for a D-man who can play 20+ minutes per night on both PP and PK. Depending on how the rest of the defensive depth works out, Quincey will likely find a home on the 2nd everything: 2nd pair defense, 2nd PK unit, and 2nd PP unit.

Quincey, as the original Wings draft pick which was lost to waivers and found his way back to Detroit from Colorado via Tampa Bay (and the Wings' 1st-round pick in this year's draft), put up less-than-stellar numbers in a short time frame with the Wings. However, this deal at this term is short enough to give those who wanted to see what Quincey could do with more time in Detroit the ability to do that while also preventing Detroit from locking into a deal that's too long and too risky to be good.