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Quick Hits: Shea Weber Agrees to Offer Sheet With Flyers

TIme to smash some faces in Philly (Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE).
TIme to smash some faces in Philly (Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE).

News That Deserves To Be At The Top

Shea Weber inks 14-year offer sheet with Philadelphia Flyers; will Predators match? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Wow. We finally have an offseason on our hands, ladies & gentlemen. Buckle up.

Hockeytown, No Limits

Wings & Q avoid arbitration, agree to two-year deal " The Production Line - TP:60
Well, the Red Wings now have 6 defensemen under contract. Time to get a 7th.

Hockeytown Welcomes: Jordin Tootoo Video - NHL VideoCenter - Detroit Red Wings
Jordan Tootoo was introduced to the media yesterday. He's growing on me.

The Left Wing Lock" Blog Archive " Lashoff Ready to Fly Above the Radar
Kid went undrafted and Kenny signed him. He could be another gem if he turns into a solid 3rd paid D man one day.

The Triple Deke: July Something Twenty Twelve, Anytown USA's that time of summer.

Around the NHL

Rick Nash: Better Dead Than Red? - The Cannon
Our Jackets blog brethren asks the question of the fanbase as to whether they would accept a deal that sent Nash to Detroit. Seems they'd accept if the price were right.

Coyotes GM: It "may be weeks" until Doan signs | ProHockeyTalk
Doan is waiting to give the 'Yotes all the time they need to settle their financials. Either that or he's trying to make absolutely sure he gets somebody to panic and overpay him. Then again, if that 4 year, $30M offer was true, I can't believe he wouldn't have jumped on it.

NHL states desire to settle CBA talks by Sept. 15 - - News
Bettman says that the window to negotiate is short because the NHLPA waited so long to start negotiations. Meanwhile, the players are saying all the right things about taking their time to understand the initial offer before making a counter-offer. Well-played, NHLPA.

Kings player Drew Doughty will not face sexual assault charges -
Citing insufficient evidence, Los Angeles County prosecutors declined to file sexual assault charges Wednesday against L.A. Kings player Drew Doughty, who was investigated by Hermosa Beach police in connection with a sexual assault allegation.

Ilya Bryzgalov on CBA salary rollbacks, Claude Giroux’s fear of Russia and the Universe | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Bryzgalov is all set to bolt to Russia to play during a lockout, something he didn't do last time.

Hockey Hugs: The top 10 finest celebratory photos of 2011-12 NHL season | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Sure. Why the hell not?

Let's Go Red Wings.