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Alex Semin Signs With Hurricanes, Red Wing Fans Buy Razors

He would have looked good in red. Oh well.
He would have looked good in red. Oh well.

In case you're wondering, that song stuck in your head that you can't quite name is "Another One Bites The Dust".

Big news out of Carolina where the Hurricanes have agreed to a one-year deal worth $7M for the Enigma Formerly Known as Alex Semin.

What does this mean for us as Wing fans? Depends on how you feel about Semin, apparently. He's not a defenseman, and he doesn't exactly have a reputation as a strong player in his own zone. Still, the man has scored 187 goals in the last 6 season, and 30 goals a season is something that exactly zero Red Wings accomplished last year.

What bothers me a lot is that, according to Semin's agent, the Wings showed no serious interest in Semin. Uh, why the hell not? Yes, the man's got a reputation. But it was 1 year. What do you really lose in 1 year when you have major holes in the roster anyway. Considering there are no more great free agent defensemen left on the market and the only way to obtain a top-2 guy is via trade, it makes no sense to hold on to the money. Unless the Wings are planning on giving Shane Doan $6M a year.

It's hard to be happy about this development. This isn't Ryan Suter getting $98M over 13 years with a full NMC. This was a 1-year risk/reward deal that could have meant big things for the Wings. Last I checked, there's still a hole in the top-6 of the forwards and this could have really filled a need. But, the team obviously felt that he wasn't a good fit. And the team is always right.