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Todd Bertuzzi Lawsuit Moved to January 2013


The Denver Post's Terry Frei (as dug up from George Malik of Kulkas Korner) reports that Steve Moore's lawsuit against Todd Bertuzzi, his former coach in Vancouver Marc Crawford, and the Vancouver Canucks will be pushed back from September 24th to January 23rd.

The lawsuit, originally filed in February 2006 has continually been pushed back for various reasons. The most recent delay (and the one prior to that) was at the request of the defense, although Frei does not go into further detail as to the reason for this latest request to delay.

Even as a fan who believes Bertuzzi's actions since the incident that many believe should have ended his hockey career have shown that he's at the very least made good on his second chance by staying free of the kind of behavior he exhibited on that day, I have to admit a growing level of frustration with the way the legal battle here is playing out.

Todd Bertuzzi has accepted every punishment handed to him by those who had the authority to levy one. He has not shied away from accepting responsibility for what he did to Steve Moore. The legal case isn't going to be about whether Moore deserves to be paid; it is going to be about how much he should get paid and about how to properly divide the responsibility up among the parties who should have to pay him.

While this is no means an easy legal process, the sheer amount of delay is disheartening. I just want what most rational people want: I want this thing to finally be over with.