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Go Ahead and Panic Here if You'd Like: Wings Miss Big Free Agents

Michael Russo reports that the Minnesota Wild are finalizing a deal with free agent defenseman Ryan Suter:

After an impressive maneuver Tuesday to get itself in front of free-agent Ryan Suter, the Wild has agreed to terms on a 13-year contract with defenseman Ryan Suter, sources say.

But wait, it gets better.

According to sources, the Wild was working on agreeing to terms with Minneapolis-born Zach Parise on a 13-year deal.

The Freep confirms:

So Kenny missed. There are still options out there, but none as attractive as these two. It looks like it came down to them wanting to play together and the Wild offered a better package deal for the two than Detroit could. Lament the end of the Wings being the premier destination, scream at Kenny Holland, do whatever, just don't kill each other.