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Quick Hits: Development Camping

They grow up so fast (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
They grow up so fast (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Hockeytown, No Limits

Red Wings rookie Brendan Smith expects to be top six defenseman this season |
You know why development camp rules? Because it's basically a Brendan Smith love-fest by the media. Keep the articles coming!

The Left Wing Lock " More than Moves: Jurco Proving His Skills on the Ice
Sara Lindenau had a chance to talk with future Red Wing Tomas Jurco.

KuklasKorner : The Malik Report : Red Wings summer development camp, day 1, morning session: getting off on the right foot
George breaks down yesterday's morning season featuring Team Zetterberg.

KuklasKorner : The Malik Report : Red Wings development camp camp, day 1, afternoon session: more bark, more bite
...and here's George's take on Team Lidstrom.

Around the NHL

NHL: Is the price right for Rick Nash? | BlueJackets Xtra
The Columbus Dispatch's Aaron Portzline writes up an argument that Nash may very well be worth the king's ransom asking price for Rick Nash. Of course, I disagree, but keep in mind the source.

Teams that cry poor should act the part | The Vancouver Province
Tony Gallagher's got an article that sounds a lot like sour grapes coming from a writer of one of the big clubs, but he makes some good points in regards to the Hurricanes jumping into the Zach Parise sweepstakes.

Report: Sharks hire Larry Robinson as assistant coach - Fear The Fin
The Sharks should officially announce the hiring today.

Latest Nassau Coliseum Proposal: Same Ol', Same Ol' for Islanders - Lighthouse Hockey
It looks like the death knell of the Islanders' days in Nassau continues to ring.

If Alex Semin doesn’t want to be here, why hasn’t he left for Russia yet? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Semin really could just want to make sure he does all of his due diligence, but it seems as though, if money were the biggest issue, he would have signed with the KHL by now, wouldn't it?

Why Shea Weber getting a massive 1-year offer sheet probably won’t happen | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
The new CBA could very well get in the way of Shea Weber's availability to make a hundred million dollars outside of Nashville.

High cap floor might complicate and motivate summer trades | ProHockeyTalk

The cap floor, as it stands, almost guarantees that some players are going to have to be embarrassingly overpaid. What should GMs plan for as this stands?

Let's Go Red Wings.