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Quick Hits: The New Look Griffins

Mrazek will be between the pipes this season for the Griffins (Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images).
Mrazek will be between the pipes this season for the Griffins (Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images).
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At the Joe

Griffins roster takes shape after free agency - MiHockeyNow & Michigan Hockey Magazine
Our good friend Kyle Kujawa takes a look at all the new faces headed to Grand Rapids this season. There are a lot of them.

Red Wings still interested in free agent forward Shane Doan but is Doan interested in Red Wings? |
No. He would have visited if he was interested.

Is Bouwmeester the Red Wings answer? - The Hockey News
The answer here is also no. But, if the price is right, I would take Bouwmeester on the blue line.

Around the NHL

Can We Stop Please? - Habs Eyes On The Prize
There's a great point in here about how it's really both sides refusing to come to an agreement that would rob us, the fans of hockey. While I personally side with the players, I tend to side more with what will bring me a full hockey season.

Columnist believes players will ask for luxury tax, revenue sharing | ProHockeyTalk
Donald Fehr, the former head of baseball's players association, is trying to bring an MLB type CBA/system to the NHL? Let's see if this works.

NHL labor talks: Gary Bettman's salary has more than doubled since lockout - NHL - Sporting News
Colin Campbell makes $2M for doing... whatever he does. Gary Bettman's $8M compensation doesn't bother me; NHL Commissioner is a tough job. Gary Bettman bothers me.

Time For Us To Ramble On - Second City Hockey
Sam, Killion, and McClure are leaving Second City Hockey on 14 September to start their own blog For misguided Hawks fans, these guys were pretty cool. I can't wait to see which mouth-breather they replace those guys with.

Max Pacioretty inks 6-year, $27 million extension with Canadiens | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Six more seasons of avoiding Zdeno Chara for Pacioretty.

Let's Go Red Wings.