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WIIM Summer Photo Caption Fun: August 15th

caption this
caption this

We made it another week and it's still that boring summer time, so we're killing it with fire caption contests. Last week, we gave you this picture:



And you gave us a tie for the winner.

AppState said:

"Whoa! I don't care WHAT Breezy told you...

It’s not THAT ‘humongous big,’ and you can’t touch it till you buy me a drink first."

While kyehawk586 went the .gif route:

Holy Olli Jokinen!

Look at the size of that waffle!

That .gif never gets old.

Congrats to AppState and kyehawk586. This week, I only want one winner because copying-and-pasting two comments is twice as much work. This week, we've got another header image for you. Here's how it works:

Caption the header image as many times as you can think up a funny joke for. Using other pictures and .gifs as caption material is completely within the rules. Just make sure you put a title on it.

You vote with the rec button. If you like a comment, hit "actions" and press the rec button. If for some reason, you're from the future and are only using this site via mobile app, you can either leave a comment showing your approval or you can get to a traditional internet box and vote like the rest of us tethered-down cavemen.

Whichever caption gets the most votes wins. Your prize is having received the most votes and the satisfaction that comes along with fleeting internet popularity.