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Detroit Sports Survey Results

There he goes, Detroit's 4th-most popular sports figure.
There he goes, Detroit's 4th-most popular sports figure.

A while back, we linked to a survey from Mike at Detroit Hustle for Detroit Sports fans to get the fanbase's feelings across the major sports about where Detroit stands and how the fans feel. Those results are in and now we're happy to share them with you.

Full writeups are available in parts 1 and 2

Here are the highlights:

  • 1,191 people from 26 countries responded to the survey.
  • The Red Wings are Detroit's third-favorite team behind the Lions and Tigers. Roughly twice as many respondents follow the Wings as follow the Pistons.
  • Of the roughly 42% of respondents who bothered answering the question, the majority of them called the Joe Louis Arena the worst sports venue in the city. That might be bad unless you consider how new the two more popular ones are and how much older the Joe is to the Palace, the venue that was only 31 votes shy of catching the Joe (answer: 9 years)
  • Sidney Crosby is Detroit's most-hated sportsman. That's in all of sports. Incredible.
  • Franzen, Bertuzzi, and Ericsson took the 9th, 10th, and 11th spots for least-liked Detroit players. They were absolutely crushed in votes by Ryan Raburn and Charlie Villaneuva in the top two spots though.
  • Calvin Johnson is apparently Detroit's best player while Pavel Datsyuk is fourth (behind Johnson, Cabrera, and Verlander).
  • Chicago took nearly 90% of the votes for the city's biggest rival. No idea why. They play football there or something? Colorado got one vote. One. Hahaha.
  • Johan Franzen ranked 2nd for most overrated, nearly doubled-up by Ndamfuckthisguy'sfirstname Suh. That's not surprising. What is surprising is that Jimmy Howard got 25 overrated votes. Fortunately, He also got 30 most-underrated votes so lovers>haters. (Martin Mayhew won the underrated vote)
  • Finally, the one category in which the Red Wings beat the other franchises: Which club has the best front office/management. 61% of voters favored the Wings over their in-town rivals.

There's plenty more info out there. Head over to Detroit Hustle for more results.