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Quick Hits: Say It Ain't So, Mike

Willa just wanted to be bad I guess  (Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE).
Willa just wanted to be bad I guess (Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE).

At the Joe

Abel to Yzerman : Digging August: Hunting, Getting To Know The Wings, Booing Legends
In case you missed it, Chief had his answers to yesterday's 'Getting to Know You' Fanpost. It's pretty inspired.

Magic in Hockeytown - Detroit Red Wings - News
Incase you missed it, the Wings have officially signed Tomas Jurco. The kid has a bright future.

That a whole lotta dough...good job Kujawa.

Yup, Mike Modano and Willa Ford are getting divorced | ProHockeyTalk
I've got ten bucks that say Ford couldn't stand how much more often she had to be around Mikey Mo since he retired. You see this a lot in professions where somebody is "married" to his or her job.

Around the NHL

Down Goes Brown: Other "thank you" newspaper ads from NHL stars through the years
Rick Nash took a page from Nick Lidstrom's book by taking out a full-age ad thanking the fans. DGB looks at other NHLers who have done this.

Report: Devils owner seeking $20 million to pay off overdue loans | ProHockeyTalk
Boy, that impending lockout is sure to help the Devils, right?

Andrej Meszaros out indefinitely with Achilles injury - Broad Street Hockey
Philadelphia already wanted another D-man. Now with Meszaros out, that becomes a must. This is going to drive up prices for other teams looking to add blueline depth.

Almost Famous: The One Where Basic English Falls Prey to Number Love - Hockey Wilderness
Hey, you want to read 2,000 words about somebody who doesn't care about stats tell you how much he hates stats-heads with the same kind of religious fervor he seems to be assigning to them? Be my guest.

Almost famous: Lessons from a near miss |
Pretty fantastic read from the analytic perspective about how getting overly excited can lead to some pretty embarrassing stuff.

Predators sued after Nashville radio intern breaks ankle in on-ice stunt (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
If the Preds aren't trying to crush Zetterbergs' skull, they're breaking interns' ankles. WHEN WILL THE SENSELESS VIOLENCE STOP?

Let's Go Red Wings.