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EA NHL13 Open Thread

Should've been Datsyuk, but it least it wasn't Rinne.
Should've been Datsyuk, but it least it wasn't Rinne.

If you're reading this, EA Sports' newest addition to their yearly sports cash cow has come out and there's a decent chance you've either already picked up NHL13 or are going to be doing so very soon.

This year's version of the world's most popular hockey video game includes a new set of features, including:

  • True Performance Skating
  • New smarter AI
  • NHL Moments Live (re-play past coolness)
  • Goalies who actually figure that you're trying that same bullshit cross-crease-to-backdoor finisher and try to stop it.

With a lot of different ways to play the game and dozens more experiences when you factor in online play both on XBox 360 and Playstation 3, not to mention the fact that this is actually exciting hockey news, we figured we'd open up the forum to you.

So here you go, gamers. Let us know what you think. If you've already gotten the game, give us your reactions. Give us the craziest trade your computer GM has put in so far. Argue about which game system is better. This is your space.