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Quick Hits: A New Defenseman...Maybe.

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Both these guys are almost Red Wings  (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images).
Both these guys are almost Red Wings (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images).
Getty Images

At the Joe

Red Wings players will seek refuge in Europe | The Detroit News |
Well most will be in Europe, guys like Brendan Smith, Gustav Nyquist, Damien Brunner & anyone else still on a two-way contract can -- and probably will -- go play with the Griffins.

Wings still talking to Colaiacovo, but no deal to report yet | Red Wings Front
So he is, but isn't signed. Got it.

Who fills void on Zetterberg's right? - Detroit Red Wings - News
It should be Goose or even Brunner. It will end up being Mikael Samuelsson.

KuklasKorner | The Malik Report: Red Wings overnight report: talking about the lockout, player mobility and keggers
George wraps up all the Red Wings' and lockout news from yesterday in his overnight report.

Around the NHL

Bob McKenzie: Owners, players aren’t "even in the same universe." | ProHockeyTalk
Bob McKenzie will probably be more active on Sunday than Calvin Johnson. The 49ers wide receivers aren't even in the same universe as Calvin Johnson. Randy Moss couldn't carry Johnson's jock right now.

Glendale city manager wants to change terms of arena payment plan | ProHockeyTalk
Of COURSE they do.

Capitals Extend Troy Brouwer - Japers' Rink
The Capitals have re-signed Troy Brouwer to a three-year, $11-million contract extension.

Arbitrator: Trade Upheld, Lubomir Visnovsky Shall Guide the Islanders - Lighthouse Hockey
Lubomir Visnovsky lost his arbitration case, but will likely happily join the Islanders, as he's warmed to them since June. It's good to have this piece decided.

Report: Flyers Asked About P.K. Subban After Not Landing Shea Weber - Broad Street Hockey
According to an RDS report, Paul Holmgren did his job and inquired about P.K. Subban.

2012 NHL CBA Negotiations: NHL's New Offer Drops Redefinition Of HRR - Defending Big D
The take it or leave it crap is annoying, but if the concept of not changing the definition of HRR is true, that could make a big difference.

Winners and Losers under the current CBA (Part 1) |
Kent Wilson takes a look at the Forbes numbers (well-known to be generally flawed, but in the best ballpark we've got) to take a look at the last CBA.

Phoenix Coyotes sale update: Tribe could enter picture in deal - NHL - Sporting News
So what happens first: The Coyotes are finally sold or a CBA is completed? I say CBA.

When Bain Capital tried to buy the NHL | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Crazy to think about 30 teams being all owned by the same person/group. It would make for an interesting sports story and league.

Late Entry by Graham: Measuring the NHL-NHLPA Divide - Globe and Mail
James Mirtle has a fantastic break down of the current offers by both the NHL and NHLPA with charts and numbers and everything. It's a great look at how far apart the two sides actually are, and shows that despite the long talks yesterday, there's still a lot of work to be done.

Let's Go Red Wings.