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Recapping The Day: Everyone Is Greedy

This lockout better end soon, because Hank has obviously run out of quarters to do laundry.
This lockout better end soon, because Hank has obviously run out of quarters to do laundry.

Today was press conference day, so rather than than meet with each other in an effort to find common ground in what is becoming a very ugly CBA battle, the NHL and NHLPA decided that they would speak to the press to air their grievances and remind us all why the other side is wrong.

Nothing we heard today is any different that we've heard any other day, but we were treated to a number of high-profile NHL players look as if they just got out of a high school kegger. Like the Republican and Democratic Conventions from a couple of weeks ago, we were treated to a bunch of rich guys telling us why the other group of rich guys were all stupid and wrong. Same rhetoric, different day.

What we did hear today is confirmation that all 30 owners have approved the lockout, proving that Mike Ilitch and the rest of the Wings' ownership group are staying in line with the Board of Governors. As I pointed out on Twitter, it's good to know where Ilitch stands, but his supporting the lockout is not a criticism of him, because I find it very hard to believe that we will ever know who is for and who is against this work stoppage in that room.

And so now we wait for Saturday night and the official start of the third lockout in the last 20 years. Whether you support the players or the owners (and if you support the owners, you're wrong), it sure seems like we are going to be without NHL hockey for at least a month, and I think that's a generous estimate. For us as Wing fans, we've all got January 1st circled on our calendar, because as we get closer to that date with no agreement, we get closer to not seeing a game at the Big House.

Personally, having watched both press conference, I feel no sympathy for either side. If millionaires and billionaires can't agree on something that will allow them to continue operating and playing a sport they profess to love so much, then I can think of much better things to do with my time.