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Quick Hits: Done Deals


At the Joe

KuklasKorner | The Malik Report - Done and done by Ken Holland: Red Wings re-sign Justin Abdelkader, sign Carlo Colaiacovo
I'd say the Red Wings are done adding to their roster unless there are some real solid hockey players buyout after the salary cap drops to like $58M when the owners win the lockout in 2014.

BY THE NUMBERS: Pavel Datsyuk - Detroit Red Wings - News
All these numbers are awesome.

Goal Analysis: Datsyukian Dekes And Dangerous Finishes | Octopus Thrower
We go from awesome Pavel numbers to an awesome Pavel goal.

Henrik Zetterberg dressed like this today | Backhand Shelf | Blogs |
Hank straight up ballin' at the NHLPA presser.

Around the NHL

Crosby: Players don’t have incentive to accept NHL proposal | ProHockeyTalk
Sidney Crosby is perhaps the one guy that Canadian media listens to among the players more than anybody and not only did he join this battle a little late, but the stuff he's saying is marshmallow-soft.

Gary Bettman: ‘This is very hard and I feel terrible about it’ | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Gary Bettman is worse than the Lions' secondary... by a LOT. I hope Ndamukong Suh stomps on your face, JJ. Gary Bettman's too.

SB Nation United -- Ranking All Thirty-One NHL Blog Logos - Arctic Ice Hockey
TJ at AIC ranked all the new SB Nation hockey logos and put us 12th. I can live with that.

Life Tips: Guiding Your Significant Other Through the NHL Lockout - Lighthouse Hockey
The most important thing for fans during the NHL lockout is to protect long-established territory in the home and on the couch.

Players in Attendance for NYC Executive Board & Negotiating Committee Meetings
The entire list of players in NY.

Let's Go Red Wings.