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Let me introduce myself

The Stanley Cup when it was at Palm Beach International Airport.
The Stanley Cup when it was at Palm Beach International Airport.

A lockout.

Another freaking lockout!

Despite it being common knowledge for the past month that the NHL was heading towards yet another lockout I can't really say that it has sunk in on me until today. I mean, what are we going to do all winter?

Nonetheless, I am proud to announce that I will be joining the great crew over here at Winging It In Motown.

My name is Chris and I have been a Detroit Red Wings fan since the day I was born. Being born and raised in Hockeytown has no doubt made me a spoiled man in the hockey community.

While I do currently live in the hockey heaven which is south Florida, I still and always will hold my allegiance to the Winged Wheel.

However, there is one perk with living in Florida. Last December, the Boston Bruins owner brought down not only Lord Stanley but also his personal championship ring to the local airport. We got to spend a little over half an hour with the cup and his ring. This was probably one of the most amazing moments in my life.

My favorite Wings player is no doubt Nick Lidström although Sergei Fedorov and Henrik Zetterberg don't lay too far behind. My favorite Red Wings moment of all time has to be that ’08 cup win. Hopefully it is a moment that we will get to relive this season, well if there even is one.

I am relatively new to the blogosphere, although for the past couple months I have been over at the Octopus Thrower on Fansided. Before to that I also blogged about the Red Wings at

I view myself as a numbers type of guy although I do often try to throw in the intangibles factor into everything I write.

I hope that this experience at WIIM will be enjoyable for both myself and you readers.

I love to chat about hockey and if you have something to talk about you can always find me on Twitter.

Go Wings and Go Lions. Lets go beat those 49'ers!

[Ed note: Welcome aboard, Chris. Looking forward to your tears tonight - J.J.]