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Quick Hits: The Lockout is on Weekdays too

I liked him more as a Lieutenant Colonel.
I liked him more as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Locked-Out Detroit Players Links

All Hail The EuroTwins: Ideas to Cope with the Lockout:
More ideas what to do with your time.

Off-Ice Instigating " NHL Lockout 3.0 : It's not about you! - DetroitHockey.Net
So that day is finally here. The NHL has locked out. Again.

Detroit bars, sports fans worry about impact of NHL lockout | Detroit Red Wings | Detroit Free Press |
Downtown Detroit bars and Red Wings faithful are hoping for a quick resolution to the National Hockey League lockout that started Sunday. "It affects us big time. We’re only open for games. It might be a substantial part of the winter we won’t be open," said Nick Stepanski, manager of Cheli’s Chili Bar, on East Adams Street, which was open Sunday for a special event.

Other Locked-Out Players in North America Links

Sunday Comics: The lockout could have been avoided edition | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Funny, but sad.

Evander Kane and Winnipeg Jets Reach 6-Year, 31.5MM Deal - Arctic Ice Hockey
With moments to spare, Evander Kane has re-signed with the Winnipeg Jets as the 1RFA agreed to a 6 year deal worth 31.5 million dollars that sees him stay in a Jet uniform through the 2017-2018.

ADMIN BOT 3000 has locked out PPP's commenters due to a labor dispute.

Taking the Owners' side? Remember These Numbers - The Copper & Blue
Owners vs. Players - Owners net worth.

Better Know a Hockey League: The AHL - Matchsticks and Gasoline
With the lockout coming, where will you get your hockey fix? M&G has the rundown on which teams in which leagues around the world can fulfill all your hockey needs.

It's Hard To Leave When You Can't Find The Door - Second City Hockey
The final farewell to the princes of SCH has come. The only thing I've ever disliked about them is their stupid hockey team.

If nothing else, you could always root for the undefeated Lions.