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Fan Survey: Which Markets Should the NHL Eliminate?

One of the most-common themes I've seen from fan commentary about the CBA negotiations is that it's time for the league and players to accept that certain markets have failed and that it's time to either relocate those teams or simply eliminate them altogether for the good of the league. While neither side in the negotiations has outwardly mentioned one of these strategies, there seems to be a lot of fans who think it's a good idea.

The trouble with this is that I most-often see people simply leave it at that. "Blah blah markets should blah blah go away." It's definitely a point worth exploring, but before figuring that out, I'd like some help in figuring out which specific markets you folks are talking about when you say that the NHL should do this.

With that in mind, I've put together a Market-Abandonment Survey. It's easy. Click any or all of the teams you believe the league should eliminate or relocate for the betterment of the overall business model. Don't worry about how many fewer player jobs there will be, but do try to keep the business of hockey (marketability, profitability) in mind over the concept of personal preference or fan dislike.

If you don't see a team that you think should be folded/relocated, you can fill it in by checking "Other" and typing the name in. You can do this with multiple teams by separating them with a comma.

Thank you.

[Update: The poll is now closed. Results soon. Thank you for your votes]