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Afternoon Video: The King of Steals - Pavel Datsyuk

Youtuber Hockeysemin, as found by Justin Bourne at The Score, thanks to Reddit (whew, that's a fun rabbit-hole), posted a video of Pavel Datsyuk called 'The King of Steals'. Watch the video below.

It's incredible to watch this guy do this so consistently. Datsyuk is consistently at or near the top of the league in takeaways (which is a stat that's very heavily-dependent upon individual arena scorer bias). Regardless of the stats, he's the best puck-stealer in hockey.

You could spend an entire afternoon getting lost in Datsyuk highlights on Youtube. In fact, I recommend that. The guy is simply amazing at hockey. While you're at it, watch the FSD tidbit where he schools Trevor Thompson. That's probably one of my favorites.