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Red Wings Fined for Devellano Comments

Bruce Bennett - Getty Images

In an interview published yesterday by Island Sports News done by Scott Harrigan, Jim Devellano told the press some... less-than-flattering things about his views on the ongoing labor negotiations, the fans' level of knowledge, and the players. Among other things, Devellano compared the players to cattle and painted a rosy picture of unpopular commissioner Gary Bettman.

Today, in a release that (FOR SOME REASON) isn't on the front page of, the league has fined the Red Wings an "undisclosed sum" for Jimmy D's comments.

"The Detroit Red Wing ’ organization and the League agree that the comments made by Mr. Devellano are neither appropriate, nor authorized, nor permissible under the League's By-Laws," said NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly. "Such comments are neither constructive nor helpful to the negotiations."

While the league hasn't disclosed the amount of the fine, various sources indicate it's $250,000.

George Malik hints that Devellano went into the interview knowing what the result would be and that he went ahead anyway. As a reminder, league fines against teams are not counted as revenue. Also, where the money from that fine goes is not disclosed by the league. While the Red Wings are publicly out an undisclosed sum, there's no specific telling where exactly that money is coming from or going to.