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Quick Hits: Late-Morning Wednesday

Haha, pissed off Avs fans.
Haha, pissed off Avs fans.

Sorry for the delay, folks.Shit happens.

Red Wings News

Khan with an Eaves Update — On the Wings
Matt Saler provides some insightful commentary on Ansar Khan's disappointing Patrick Eaves post (it's like two links in one!)

Red Wings Launch 2012-13 School Assembly Program: Filppula Visits Clinton Township's St. Thecla Elementary School on Thursday Afternoon - Detroit Red Wings - News
Val Filppula will visit a school in Clinton Township tomorrow. So if you look like an elementary school kid, try and sneak in so you can meet him... or something. Whatever, this is cool.

Zetterberg would be honored to be named next Captain | Red Wings Front
Henrik Zetterberg states the obvious, but that's exactly what captains are supposed to do when they speak with the press.

Red Wings' Henrik Zetterberg talks snowballs, NHL labor agreement | Detroit Red Wings | Detroit Free Press |
More stuff on Zetterberg, including talk of his balls, his lockout plans, and how the NHLPA is reacting to last Friday's break in negotiations.

Around the CBA Bullshit League.

Report: NHL has lost $240 million the past two seasons | ProHockeyTalk
hahahahahahaaaaaahahahahaa. Oh man. Anybody believe this? Anybody? Bueller? " Can the NHL owners really be losing money?
So how much have other expenses spiraled since 2002-03 when the Levitt Report claimed the league lost $273M?

Setting the Record Straight: CBA Myths vs. Facts | NHLPA.Com
Consider this a campaign ad in the CBA negotiations. This is the position straight from the Players' Association itself.

Shinny Novice Seeks Advice from the PPP Community. HELP! - Pension Plan Puppets
If you're looking to hop into the game but don't know where to get started on equipment, the PPP community has a great discussion up from people who actually use the equipment rather than salesmen trying to get you to buy the priciest shit.

Brian Elliott’s attempt to win cow chip throwing contest falls short | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Somebody from St. Louis failing to win a shit-flinging contest is absolutely shameful to that fanbase.

KHL to provide home for NHLers for duration of potential lockout | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Lots of people are going to take interest in the KHL soon.

Landeskog named youngest captain in NHL history | ProHockeyTalk
The gimmick franchise who threw Ray Bourque's number in their rafters for one season of service continues to pee on the idea of actual tradition in favor of doing silly things to get attention. Way to be, doofuses.