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WIIM Summer Photo Caption Fun: September 5th

caption this
caption this

Caption fun continues as the summer drags on for another week. Last week's winner was SlapshotGoal who gave this picture:


This caption:

The aftermath of Sidney Crosby making eye contact with Gary Bettman.

Well done, you pervert. There were quite a few other good comments, including a .gif I'm not putting up.

LongJohn46 said: "Depth Chart - I used to be the third string goalie, but this is just plain Silly."

and mistercristo nailed the dirty pun: "Buk-hockey Night In Canada" wasn't such a great idea after all."

We've got another pic for you folks today. Here's how it works:

Caption the header image as many times as you can think up a funny joke for. Using other pictures and .gifs as caption material is completely within the rules. Just make sure you put a title on it.

You vote with the rec button. If you like a comment, hit "actions" and press the rec button. If for some reason, you're from the future and are only using this site via mobile app, you can either leave a comment showing your approval or you can get to a traditional internet box and vote like the rest of us tethered-down cavemen.

Whichever caption gets the most votes wins. Your prize is having received the most votes and the satisfaction that comes along with fleeting internet popularity.