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Winging It In Motown Fantasy Hockey

First in your program, last in your draft
First in your program, last in your draft
Bruce Bennett

The arrival of NHL hockey means the return of fantasy hockey, something that I know you all love (except JJ, because he hates fun).

Last year we had a lot of fun running 3 leagues for people of different skill levels. Given the condensed schedule and fact that we likely won't have the interest this year, we're narrowing it down to 2 for anyone to join.

Friend of the blog playboyperry509 has graciously offered to run both leagues this year, and I'm hoping he'll be doing weekly updates so that everyone can publicly shame those that suck.

There will be 2 leagues: the Smith League for beginners/rookies and the Zetterberg League for more experienced players. I'm not going to be actively involved but I ask that if you are someone who has played fantasy hockey before and are comfortable with how to play, please sign up for the Zetterberg league because I anticipate more people will sign up for the Smith league.

Here's the info for both leagues, which are being run through Yahoo. Draft information is being posted, but once you get in the league you can discuss any changes with your commissioner (not me, so don't blow up my email):

WIIM Smith League
ID: 59803
Password: redwings
Draft: Friday, January 18th at 7:00 pm MST (9:00 pm EST)

WIIM Zetterberg League
ID: 59792
Password: redwings
Draft: Friday, January 18th at 6:00 pm MST (8:00 pm EST)

Go have fun and I look forward to hearing updates!