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St Louis Game Time's Game Day Coverage

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Dilip Vishwanat

The great thing about the new SB Nation layout design is that we can borrow stories from around the network to show a wider variety of opinion on gamedays. We can also collect all the stories in one place called a Story Stream. Unfortunately, we can't put stories from other places into our streams. No big deal. We can just put up a story with a link over to their stream and put it in our stream. That's why we're here.

Here's St. Louis Game Time's Story Stream for today. Head over for their perspective.

A note on our newfound avenues of cross-blog snooping: We want them trolling WIIM as much as they want us trolling SLGT. We're not going to get along because they're a bunch of half-witted troglodytes they root for a rival, but what goes on in their updates belong to their site and your involvement in the community over there will be governed by their community guidelines.