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Detroit Red Wings vs. St. Louis Blues: Let's Get the Season Started

Our first game thread of the season. Let's do it.


St. Louis Blues Team Detroit Red Wings
0-0-0 0 Points Record 0-0-0 0 Points
Jaroslav Halak (26-12-7 1.97GAA last season) Starting Goalie Jimmy Howard (35-17-4 2.13 GAA last season)
St. Louis Game Time SB Nation Site - Last Meeting Apr 4th, 2012 (3-2 SOW)
8:00 PM EST Time - Television FS-D, FS-MW

Here we are, folks: our first Gamethread of the season. here's a primer to how they work.

Here's a primer on the game.

Every expert has the reigning Central champs finishing ahead of the Wings in the standings this season. It's not horribly hard to see why. The Blues played extremely well under Ken Hitchcock last season. They barely changed on the blueline, didn't change in goal, and probably got better up front. Meanwhile, the Wings... did change.

That's cute that they have expectations this season. No, really. Cute.

It's nice for them that a game between these two teams doesn't get the automatic "Detroit should win if they bother showing up even a little." write-up. Truth is that there are lots of ways this game could go. The teams aren't separated enough that we have to rely on the "we need the Wings to play their very best" or the "we need the Blues to help us beat them" narratives, but we are in the position where Detroit has more to prove this season than the Blues.

It's a live game thread. Let's go Red Wings!