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Midday Roster Update from Khan

Dilip Vishwanat

From MLive's Ansar Khan

Yes, that's Brunner still on the top line and Mursak on line three.

Helm (back), Kindl (groin), and Bertuzzi (flu, old age, gypsy curse) being out is expected. Eaves has been cleared to play, but he hasn't seen competitive hockey action in 14 months. In Eaves' absence, I'm interested in seeing Mursak getting time as the right-shooting winger for the third line. Depending on the penalties tonight, he might not get as much time as Miller, who is playing on the fourth line, but we'll have to see what their PK units look like.

Ideally, we'll get to see the PP units a ton more than their special teams counterparts.

We'll keep you updated with any more roster changes if they happen.