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Babcock: Bertuzzi to Miss Several Weeks

No Riggy, don't kiss him!
No Riggy, don't kiss him!

So the Gypsy Curse is worse than we thought

Bertuzzi being out for several weeks puts a temporary answer to the question of what the Wings will do with too many fowards, but it probably doesn't get Gustav Nyquist to Detroit from Grand Rapids just yet.

The 37-year old who signed a two-year extension with the Wings for an annual cap hit of $2.075M should find himself on short-term injured reserve soon enough to open his roster spot. The Wings don't need to use the LTIR cap exception on this, but will need the lineup room.

No idea how Bert ended up with "The Kissing Sickness", as mono is known, but we'll let your colorful imaginations fill in the details about how that happened. There are plenty of non-kissing ways to get it, so I'm told.