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Why We Should (and Shouldn't) Panic

Hockey is back. Can someone please tell the Red Wings?

Dilip Vishwanat

Heading in to last night I was pumped. We had been waiting since last April to see our Wings hit the ice again and I was excited. I was excited to see how Brunner would perform, I was excited to see if Ericsson would step up and I was excited to see the Wings take a stand and defeat the Blues in game one.

Brunner played very well for playing in his first game and I thought that Ericsson held his own, but the third thing that I was excited for wasn't met. We lost, and not only did we lose, but we lost in the most terrible fashion possible. Shutout and demolished by our division rival.

While the season is very young some people have already turned to panic and are ready to throw in the towel. Personally, I am not at that point yet. However, what we saw yesterday certainly does invoke a bit of fear in our long term chances for the season.

To help us cope with this loss and to look ahead to the next game, here is a list of reasons why we should (and shouldn't) panic after last night's game:

  • We should panic because the Wings played so bad it wasn't even funny.
  • We shouldn't panic because this is game one out of 48.
  • We should panic because this is game one out of 48. There are less points to be won this year and due to teams only playing inter-conference, losing a game to a division rival is ever so more painful.
  • We shouldn't panic because up until the 2nd period, Jimmy Howard played really well. He kept us in the game.
  • We should panic because Jimmy Howard couldn't stop a breakaway if his life depended on it.
  • We shouldn't panic because Damien Brunner played really well in my eyes for being his first NHL game.
  • We should panic because Quincey played like complete and utter rubbish. I understand that this lockout hasn't helped him adjust to our team but the fact that he hasn't been able to step up is a real shame.
  • We shouldn't panic because the injuries to Mursak, Bertuzzi, and Helm will lead to Nyquist and Tatar being called up and hopefully those two young guys can provide a spark that is needed.
  • We should panic because Nicklas Lidström has said he won't return and I honestly don't think Gordie has enough left in the tank although he still looks pretty lively and I'm sure he'd play better than Sammy.
  • We shouldn't panic because the Blue are a decent team (don't get carried away now Blues fans) and them beating us wasn't too surprising, it was the way in which they beat us that really put the dagger in our hearts.
  • We should panic because Smith played below what I was expecting him to play. Not bad but not great either.
  • We should panic because I'd rather have the Griffins play the Blues than the Wings.
  • Lastly, we shouldn't panic because this is the Red Wings!

    Anyways guys, lets hope that Mondays game against the Blue Jackets will fare better for the Red Wings and that this was just a fluke game.