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Quick Hits: Redemption Day

Today is a new day and with a new day, new opportunities emerge, and so does this mornings Quick Hits.

Dilip Vishwanat

Red Wings News

The Feathered Wheel: Why Not P.K. Subban?
Another P.K. lover.

The Wizard of Osgood: Do the Red Wings Need Help?

Do they? If by help you mean P.K. Subban, then yes, they need help.

Wings look to rebound after giving up way too many ‘freebies’ in opening loss | Red Wings Front

Giving up those breakaways no doubt killed us.

GOALIE SWAP | Grand Rapids Griffins

Griffins give some insight to McCollum heading up to the Wings and Pearce returning to GR from Toledo.

It’s An New Day Tomorrow | KuklasKorner

Isn't there a song in "Annie" that goes like that?

Ageless wonders: Old dogs teach NHL’s young guns a few tricks on opening day | Sports | National Post

I'm telling you. The loss to the Blues was just the spark that was needed for Gordie Howe to come out of retirement.

Red Wings realize they must compete much harder as they try to rebound from season-opening debacle |

Yeah no shit.

NHL News

Quebec sports journalist with passion for the Olympics dies at 82 - The Hockey News
Heard about him, but from what I read today seemed like a great man.

The Holdout - In defense of P.K. Subban - Eyes On The Prize

I really want P.K., like I REALLY want him. Do it Kenny!

Sabres C Leino misses season opener vs Flyers - - News

He was constructing the Leino lounge in Buffalo, trying to make it more comfortable than it was in Detroit considering how much time he may have to spend there.

Southeast Division Weekend Round-up: One game in - Raw Charge

Caps suck.

Sutter, Richards penalized under new rules - - News

I thought that one of the Wings players did this in the 2nd period against the Blues. I forget who It was but I could have sworn that he batted the puck. Don't know if refs didn't see it or if I just was seeing things.

Don Cherry still going on about this Canada vs. USA thing -

Who won the World Juniors? Oh yeah, USA!!!

Ratings win for NHL: 2013 openers give NBC record regular-season numbers | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

So much for boycotting the NHL

Joffrey Lupul, Maple Leafs agree to five year, $26.25-million extension | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

5 more years of boos at All Star Games

Lets Go Wings!