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Roster Update: The 'Tooze Has Multiple Nucleosi

"Nope!" Says Ken Holland

Ronald Martinez

Reports of the demise of Todd Bertuzzi's health have been greatly exaggerated, it seems. While it was reported on Saturday that he's suffering from Mono and could miss several weeks, today, the team has reported the test was a false positive and he could return to the lineup as soon as he and Babcock say he's ready.

From Helene St. James of the Freep

"It's great news," general manager Ken Holland told the Free Press. "The tests must have reacted to something going way back. He can play tomorrow if Mike Babcock wants him to, and he feels he's able."

Well ok. Bert should be back to his old vim n' vigor shortly. He's still recovering from the flu, as far as we know, but with this news, for all we truly know, he could have just been low on orphan blood or he could have feline AIDS.

The Mayans were right... or something.