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Second City Hockey's Gameday Coverage & 3 Questions

Hold me, Marian. I'm scared
Hold me, Marian. I'm scared
Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

We're four games in and will be facing another in a long series of "maybe the biggest test of the season" games for the Wings. The Hawks are damn good. As usual, we reached out to somebody who roots for our opponent with three questions. Today, Greg Boysen from Second City Hockey.

Check out Second City Hockey's gameday coverage here.

1. So the Hawks are off to a hell of a start. What's the biggest contributing factor so far?
The Blackhawks skill players are playing at a very high level. Marian Hossa and Jonathan Toews are healthy and playing at the top of their games. The extended offseason due to the lockout has helped Duncan Keith the most. He legs are back and he seems to have regained his Norris Trophy winning form from 2010. The Hawks have underachieved since winning the Cup, but so far this year, they are playing at the level a team with this much talent should be at.

2. How long before Crawford comes back to Earth, or are people starting to believe he's good?
Crawford will be the key to the Hawks success. He struggled a lot last year after a really good rookie season. Crow's problem most of 2011-12 was between his ears. He lost his confidence but it looks like he has regained it this year. He hasn't looked this good since the Canucks series in the 2011 playoffs. But as a life long Chicago sports fan, I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

3. Any indication that Patrick Kane is feeling separation anxiety after living with his mommy in Switzerland?
Playing in Europe seems to have work wonders for Patrick Kane. Every year he says all the right things about being mature and staying out of trouble but then we get shirtless limo rides. He is extremely focused and is making the leap to become one of the league's elite players. But, just like with Crow you always have to be nervous about a drunken Kaner showing up on some girl's Facebook page. I have no problem with Kane partying. He's a 24 year old millionaire, I'd be doing the same thing. My problem is he isn't very smart about it. Stay away from the camera phones and he will be ok.

(I agree that I'd probably do the same thing as Kane if I were in his shoes, but I'm not, so fuck him.)