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At least we got a point: Blackhawks 2 - Wings 1 (OT)

The Wings lost 2-1 against their Central Division rival.


At least we got a point.

The Detroit Red Wings lost 1-2 to the Chicago Blackhawks in overtime in what was a fairly boring game for the most part. The Wings didn't play bad but they clearly didn't play great either.

The Blackhawks took the lead two and a half minutes in to the game with a really nice goal by Duncan Keith. I have to say that it was a beauty. The Wings, looking sloppy, could once again not convert on any PP chances as the 1st period came to a close. The second period involved much of the same; boring hockey by both sides although I did think that the Wings did pick up the tempo a bit.

Finally, after two periods, the Detroit Red Wings find the back of the net after Johan Franzen tips in the puck to tie the game up. Zetterberg and Brunner get the assists on the goal. The Wings would for the most part control the rest of the third period, however, neither side could come up with a goal and we headed to OT.

3 minutes in to overtime Nick Leddy ends the Wings night and sends them packing back to Detroit after a snapshot goal assisted by Toews and Stalberg.

The Wings came up winless and here are some of my notes from tonight's game:

  • The Wings looked really sloppy early on in the first period. This may have something to do with Chicago's terrible ice which resulted in Daniel Cleary totally wiffing on the puck mid-way through the first.
  • It seemed like they picked up the pace a bit towards the end of the first although the PP still looked stagnant.
  • There was one shift with Miller, Abby and Tootoo which I really liked. A lot of hustle and some good play overall. This continued in to the 2nd period.
  • Wings started off the 2nd period fairly well but despite all their PP opportunities, they just waded away in to the abyss.
  • Cory Emmerton hasn't played that bad this season, he hasn't played good, but not bad either. I understand why Babs likes him in the 4th liner role.
  • Hey Ken and Mick, thanks for reminding us all that Pavel turns 35 next year. That made us all happier, NOT!
  • Do you know how to fix the PP? Well, one solution is to SHOOT THE PUCK!! Since the Wings, especially Franzen, seem highly reluctant to do this I thought it was worth pointing out.
  • Brunner has a point in 3 straight games, I really like this guy, and he has hardly acclimated himself to the NHL.
  • Hank and Abby dominated that last PK today.
Overall, I am fairly happy with the Wings performance. We got a point and we didn't play bad. Also, let's be honest, the Blackhawks are a decent team (I repeat decent, not great) and they have played really good throughout the start of the season.

Hopefully the Wings can bounce back against the Dallas Stars on Tuesday.

Lets Go Wings!