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NHL GameCenter Live Review

Disclaimer: SBNation has provided WIIM with a complimentary NHL GameCenter Live account. This post is a review of the product

Bruce Bennett

I am first time user when it comes to GameCenter Live, but so far, I must say that I've enjoyed the use of the product. We live in a world with technology at our fingertips everywhere we go and GCL provides the ability to watch the NHL wherever and whenever.

Since I've moved to Boston in the fall of 2008, I've always bought Center Ice to watch the Red Wings. Over the last few years I've become increasingly annoyed at the lack of high definition channels and options for choosing a home or away feed. GCL solves those problems (of course that depends on the computer or device you are watching said game on and your internet connection). So far this season I've been able to watch games in awesome HD on my MacBook and roommate's iPad. The feed quality of the games on GCL has been 100 times better than my past experience with Center Ice.

The biggest draw to GCL is the fact that I can watch games on any computer or on my phone no matter where I'm at. Due to my job in TV, I have to work nights. So far this season I've worked on every single night the Wings have played. GCL has replays of every game available for me to watch at 1AM when I get home from work. There is also a feature to shut off scores on your account. That way I can avoid the score while at work and avoid the final score when I log into GCL. It doesn't spoil the end result for me.

I've also been able to watch games on my computer at work. The best part about GCL is that you can stream it through other devices e.g. Xbox, PS3, etc. My roommate owns an Apple TV and we downloaded the GCL app. The games stream in great quality right onto my HDTV. I've tried watching on my iPhone. The quality isn't bad. Obviously not as good as watching on the computer, but the fact I could watch hockey on my phone was awesome. There is also a feature on the phone app for a condensed game. It had everything I needed to see from the Wings game last night against the Stars in just over nine minutes. GCL also has rewind features, you can slow down the video, and watch multiple games at once too.

If your cable provider doesn't offer Center Ice in full HD, I would definitely recommend GCL. Especially for fans that might work odd hours and cannot sit down to watch a Wings game every night at 7:30p ET. Do make sure to take into account that the quality of your GCL games depends on your internet connection and the device you're watching on. It's still early into the shortened NHL season, but GCL has come through for me so far.

Let's Go Red Wings.