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CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 2 - Coyotes 4

Joakim Andersson is the King of the Monsters. RAWR!
Joakim Andersson is the King of the Monsters. RAWR!
Gregory Shamus

The Red Wings welcomed a recently-embarrassed Phoenix Coyotes squad into the Joe for their first contest since last Saturday and got ouplayed enough for it to matter in a 4-2 loss.

Both teams went 0/2 on their power play chances, both getting just 2:15 of total time with the man advantage, but the Coyotes' game-winner essentially came on the advantage as one had just ended. Detroit was outshot 38-30 thanks to a very good aggressive Phoenix forechecking scheme. I thought the refs were ok in this one, in that they let pretty much the same stuff go by both sides. The linesmen had a really rough time of figuring out how the hybrid icing is supposed to work.

CSSI Methodology Explanation here


It feels like Mike Smith had to make more big saves than Jimmy Howard, but the Wings' goalie kept them in it for as long as he could. I don't really fault him for any of the three goals he allowed.

The Goals

1st Period 02:21 - Phoenix Goal: Derek Morris (slapshot) from Antoine Vermette
A faceoff loss goes to the back of the net and the Wings trail early. Weiss loses the draw and will get an extra minus for how cleanly this ends up on the Coyotes' sticks. Alfredsson is the far winger and won't get a minus. Smith will also be cleared as he's watching his man and not in the lane. Franzen and Quincey will keep their minuses. I'm also going to extend a half-minus to Emmerton, Miller, Samuelsson, Kindl, and DeKeyser. The shift before this lost faceoff is a 30-second mess of Coyotes pressure leading to the faceoff here. Every person on that line had a chance to get a clear and failed, giving the Coyotes all the push going into the in-zone faceoff.

2nd Period 05:07 - Detroit Goal: Joakim Andersson (wrist shot) from Jakub Kindl and Todd Bertuzzi
The Wings pull even off a d-man led rush and a good job crashing the front of the net. Jakub Kindl picks up a loose puck high in his own zone and turns on the jets to lead the rush. Kindl takes the right wing zone entry around Chipchura while Cleary drives the center lane in what has now become a 3-on-2. Kindl lobs it toward the front for Cleary, who just can't reach it. However, the puck continues on to Smith, who kicks it out right to where Joakim Andersson is following up from the opposite wing. Jester gets the rebound and roofs it for the goal. This is a great read by Kindl to jump into the play. Kindl will get a bonus half-plus.

2nd Period 06:00 - Detroit Goal: Jonathan Ericsson (wrist shot) unassisted
Less than a minute later, Detroit pulls ahead with what looks like a harmless shot from the boards coming through a bit of an odd-screen/missed-tip. The Coyotes start by winning a defensive zone draw, but Ribeiro turns over a pass that's rimmed around to him. Ericsson plucks it off the side boards and chucks it at the net where it gets through Smith. Justin Abdelkader is going to get a half-screener's assist. He is definitely causing Smith trouble on this one, but he's not directly in the line of sight.

2nd Period 07:04 - Phoenix Goal: Mikkel Boedker (wrist shot) from Derek Morris
Phoenix ties it back up after gaining the zone on a bad coverage. Perhaps smelling a little blood in the water, the Wings' second line pushes hard to get a loose puck past Smith. Instead, the Coyotes get a dump pass out past Quincey to spring Doan on a semi-break that Howard has to stop. The Coyotes follow up with pressure and eventually get it out to the point where Morris tosses it at the traffic in front. Howard stops this, but Boedker steps across the middle and collects the puck, then outwaits Howard before roofing it into the wide-open net. Quincey will pull an extra minus for letting Doan get behind him to start this play. Alfredsson has a turnover and a blown coverage here which will combine to earn him an extra minus as well. Franzen will get an extra half-minus. He's supposed to be closer to the boards to take the Smith pass that ends up on Derek Morris' stick and he's supposed to prevent Morris from getting a shot through traffic. Nobody is getting cleared on this one, as the entire line has responsibilities that could have prevented this.

3rd Period 15:13 - Phoenix Goal: Michael Stone (slap shot) from Mike Ribeiro and Martin Hanzal
The Coyotes get a late goal just after the end of a power play on a screened shot from the point. The Wings gain possession with time left on the penalty, but an Emmerton turnover leads it back to the middle of the ice where Ribeiro winds up for a one-timer on it. Miller gets over to block it, but the Coyotes re-gather and get it to the point where Stone blasts it through traffic before Weiss can get back into the play. By rule, the minuses for Weiss, Emmerton, Miller, Ericsson, and Kronwall will be cleared. Emmerton will earn his minus back for the turnover.

3rd Period 19:09 - Phoenix Goal (EN): Antoine Vermette (wrist shot) from Mikkel Boedker
The Coyotes salt it away into the empty net thanks to an awful play at the Phoenix blue line by Daniel Alfredsson. Pavel Datsyuk wins the faceoff, but Alfredsson loses the puck to pressure by Boedker. As Alfie and Boedker fight for the loose puck down the ice, eventually Alfredsson falls and gives his opponent the puck cleanly at a sharp angle. Kronwall is there to try and block the shot, but Boedker finds Vermette following up the play for the easy shot around the helpless Kronwall. I'm going to clear the minuses for Kronwall, Datsyuk, Weiss, Zetterberg, and Franzen. Alfredsson will get a turnover minus and a half coverage minus. This is a badly blown play.

Penalty Adjustments

1st Period 07:52 - Justin Abdelkader and Kyle Chipchura (roughing): Both players get mad at each other and take shots. No adjustment here.
1st Period 17:06 - Lauri Korpikoski (holding): While Datsyuk breaks out 1-on-2 with Andersson and Cleary threatening to come back behind him, Korpikoski turns into Andersson and grabs onto him. Andersson will get a plus for taking the right lane.

1st Period 17:21 - Johan Franzen (hooking):
14 seconds into the power play, the Red Wings fall back to even as Franzen gets called for hooking Ekman-Larsson in front of the Phoenix net. I'm not convinced a hook happens here, but Mule gets his stick to parallel and that messes with his player. I'm going to give Franzen a half-minus.

3rd Period 07:54 - Kyle Chipchura (tripping): Kindl takes the turn behind the Red Wings' net with Chipchura on him. The Coyotes' jerkoff gets his stick into Kindl's feet and brings him down. This one's worth a half-plus on Kindl keeping his feet moving and protecting the puck well. Chipchura is pretty dumb for tripping up his guy here.
3rd Period 13:11 - Stephen Weiss (tripping): Weiss brings down Doan in front of the Phoenix net going for a loose puck. Easy call. Minus for Weiss.

Bonus Ratings

-1 to Brendan Smith, +1 to Kyle Quincey: This pair was just as hit-or-miss as always, but the adjustments are to capture that Smith was the weak link on this pairing's overall fairly weak game.

Honorable Mentions:

You know? I'm pretty satisfied with the way the rest of the adjusted scoring came out as far as how the players performed. The guys who ended up overall pluses were certainly the guys who deserved it and the lowest minuses also fit well. I'd like to blame Samuelsson for being invisible, but he wasn't given very many shifts to be so. Compared to Franzen's invisibility in bigger minutes, the differences are stark.

Current Game Chart

Season Totals Chart

Screener's Assist Totals

Player Name Screener's Assists Totals
Jonathan Ericsson 1
Johan Franzen 1
Justin Abdelkader 0.5