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Friday Open Thread: You Play GM/Coach

Grant Halverson

The season is four games old and the Red Wings are 2-2 so far, probably luckily so after last Friday's game against Carolina saw them escape with an overtime victory after trailing for much of the contest. They've beaten Buffalo and Carolina with losses to Boston and Phoenix.

Things aren't quite working for them. Detroit has scored only eight goals in their four games and have allowed 11. Their power play is yet to get on the scoreboard through ten chances while their penalty kill has allowed what should be considered four goals on sixteen chances (the game-winner last night came in the brief period between a penalty ending and the player returning to the play, so it was effectively 5-on-4 if not technically so).

Henrik Zetterberg is the only player with more than one goal in those four games while the Wings' bottom four defensemen have only one measly point among them.

Everything sucks and my breakfast tasted like hot yogurt* because the Red Wings have lost two games in a row in October.  Let's talk about what's going right and wrong.  I'll start:

* (it was waffles BTW; french toast sucks)

Good Stuff

  • Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg are consistently dangerous and creative, entertaining, handsome, energetic, magical, ticklish, and mysterious.
  • Jonathan Ericsson looks like a top-pairing D-man.
  • Jimmy Howard is getting lots of practice for when he inevitably takes Team USA to gold in Sochi.

Bad Stuff

  • The Wings' second line has all the chemistry of argon and sawdust so far.
  • You might be unaware of this, but Tomas Tatar and Gustav Nyqusit have not consistently been in the lineup to this point.
  • Scoring power play goals is a thing that NHL clubs are supposed to do.

With all this, I leave the floor open to you to discuss your own positives/negatives, as well as what kind of decisions you would make if you were in charge of the club. Then, I leave it up to everybody who reads your comments to discuss. Here are some questions for you if you need help getting started.

  • How many games should the Wings wait for the chemistry between Stephen Weiss and Daniel Alfredsson to develop?
  • How devastating is it that Tomas Tatar can't take the place of every single person you hate on the roster?
  • How about instead of playing Smith and Quincey as the second pair, they add a third player to that and make it a TRIO! Think of the third guy who is playing defense instead of forward as a training wheel until they get going, right?

Oh hey, this just happened too.