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CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 5 - Flyers 2

I lub yoo guyz
I lub yoo guyz
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The Wings looked to end their two-game losing streak against a struggling Flyers team. After a roster shakeup and some time to think about Thursday's loss, the Wings put together a better effort and came away with a 5-2 victory.

The Wings got the better end of the calls tonight, earning seven power play opportunities (and converting on three). Meanwhile, the penalty kill had a good 4-for-4 performance tonight off the strength of some good shot-blocking. Philadelphia owned a slight advantage in shots at 34-30.

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Jimmy Howard had an odd bounce get through him for a goal that could have made things pretty ugly, but was able to pull off a good performance in net. I don't think Jimmy had to be spectacular, but a less-than-good performance could have made a difference.

The Goals

1st Period 07:13 - Detroit Goal (PP): Todd Bertuzzi (wrap-around) from Daniel Alfredsson and Niklas Kronwall
The Red Wings get on the board first on a power play goal caused by an aggressive move to the front. Kronwall starts off this play by leading the rush into the Flyers' zone. A light dump into the corner leads to a loose puck when the Philly D-Man angles Kronwall off the puck. Alfredsson follows up by beating Grossmann to the loose puck and poking it back off the boards. Bertuzzi sweeps in from the other side around the net and picks up the loose puck, bringing it to the front and into the net on the wrap-around immediately before Coburn can react. No adjustment.

2nd Period 11:08 - Detroit Goal (PP): Niklas Kronwall (snap shot) from Daniel Alfredsson and Henrik Zetterberg
Detroit gets another power play goal after some incredible puck movement with the man advantage. A late power play shooting gallery brings the puck to Datsyuk behind the net, who re-sets it to Kronwall on the half-boards. Kronner cycles to Zetterberg at the top of the umbrella, who quickly moves it to Alfredsson on the right side at the top of the circle. Alfie skates to the dot to pull in the defense before feeding it back to Kronwall on the opposite side with enough room to walk the puck to the slot and fire a snapper over the shoulder. No adjustment. Bertuzzi is playing in front here, but it's actually Braydon Coburn screening the goalie. Bert doesn't get in front until after the shot is released from Kronwall's stick.

2nd Period 11:42 - Philadelphia Goal: Erik Gustafsson (slap shot) from Braydon Schenn and Wayne Simmonds
Philly gets on the board with some spotty defensive coverage and a knuckle-puck bounce in front of Jimmy Howard. The Flyers gain the zone with speed on the wing (on a 2-on-4 rush). Brayden Schenn tosses a backhand from the corner that Howard punches out in front. Raffl gets a good follow-up shot with both Miller and Tootoo draped on him. This one gets stopped and a scrum develops out front. This is broken when Simmonds gets to it in the corner. Simmonds feels DeKeyser on him and drops it for Schenn, who takes it to the half-board, drawing Glendening and Miller with him. Schenn passes off to Gustafsson at the point. The Flyer's d-man takes a step away from the boards at the blue line and fires a weak slapper toward the front of the net which knuckles on its way in and takes a funny hop just short of Howard. The puck changing direction drives it between Howard's stick-side arm and body and it goes into the net. This one is kind of bad luck on the bounce, but the defensive breakdowns here will lead to minuses. Tootoo will get a half-minus on the coverage for the rebound, which he fails to get a stick on, for the Raffl chance. Miller will get an extra minus for the coverage up the boards which frees Gustafsson for the shot. Quincey will have his minus cleared. He's doing a good job on his man coverage down low on the opposite side of the action. DeKeyser and Glendening both keep their minuses, as the puck moved through their coverage areas.

3rd Period 03:08 - Detroit Goal (PP): Pavel Datsyuk (backhand) from Niklas Kronwall and Daniel Alfredsson
The Wings extend their lead out to two goals on a beautiful power play goal from the slot. The Wings gain zone entry with aggressive skating through center ice. Kronwall passes to Zetterberg, who drives to the middle of the ice, pulling the defenders close. A pass attempt to Datsyuk streaking on the wing gets blocked, but Z collects it again and gets it back to Alfredsson on the point. Alfredsson quickly moves it over to Kronwall, who fakes a wind-up for a slapper and then passes to Datsyuk open in the slot. Datsyuk chucks a backhander that gets through Emery thanks to a big screen out front. Bertuzzi will earn the screener's assist on this goal

3rd Period 05:46 - Philadelphia Goal: Tye McGinn (backhand) from Claude Giroux and Jakub Voracek
The Flyers close it back to a one-goal lead on a coverage breakdown and rebound opportunity. The play starts as the Flyers try a breakout from their end. Detroit forechecks and Datsyuk even breaks up a pass, but quick hands by Voracek pops it back out of midair and the Flyers move forward. Voracek gains the blue line in the center of the ice and dishes off to Giroux on the right wing. Giroux slaps it high and hard off Howard's blocker where it bounces straight to McGinn for the rebound goal. The immediate change here is that Bertuzzi will get the minus back that Abdelkader earns by having just stepped on the ice. This mean's Abby's minus will be cleared. This isn't a great time to change anyway, but it's definitely not Abby's fault. Both defensemen will keep their minuses as a general positional thing (Kronwall not preventing the Giroux shot and Ericsson not blocking the rebound), but the blown coverage here is Zetterberg's. He hands Voracek off to Ericsson too late and should already be in the follow-up lane to eliminate McGinn's stick. Z will get a minus. Pavel keeps his minus for letting Voracek by him.

Goal-Saved Adjustment: 9:58 into the third period Kyle Quincey earns a plus for saving a goal. After a bad Bertuzzi turnover in the neutral zone, the Flyers set up a chance. Howard kicks out a rebound that Read gets to first and shovels toward the net. Quincey is there in front and is able to kick the puck out of harm's way while Howard scrambles to try and stop it.

3rd Period 13:48 - Detroit Goal: Henrik Zetterberg (wrist shot) from Pavel Datsyuk and Kyle Quincey
Detroit gets some breathing room on a sick feed and shot from the top line. On a line change, the Wings come out from behind their own net on a pass from Ericsson to Quincey. Q tries a long outlet to Pavel at center. The puck bounces over Datsyuk's stick, but then off Grossmann's leg and right back to Pavel with Bertuzzi working as a bit of a screen. As Pavel comes up the left wing with Bert driving the center, Zetterberg trails on the right wing side. Pavel hits the top of the circle and then feeds it cross-ice to Hank as he crosses into the slot. Z wastes no time zinging the shot past Emery and into the net. The puck movement here is good by all parties. After the Ericsson pass, he changed for DeKeyser. I'm going to give Ericsson back the plus on that play and clear DeKeyser's. I'm also going to give Alfredsson a plus on this goal. He has a good backcheck which frees the puck and then makes a smart decision to cycle back and let the line changes happen.

3rd Period 19:07 - Detroit Goal (EN): Henrik Zetterberg (curling push) from Pavel Datsyuk and Daniel Cleary
The Wings salt this one away with an empty-net goal courtesy of our handsome captain. After skating for over a minute 6-on-5, the Wings are finally able to capitalize on a clear as Datsyuk springs Zetterberg at center ice for the easy put-away. Cleary picks up a loose puck after an attempted centering pass goes out the other side and bounces to him. Danny goes high off the boards for the zone clear where Datsyuk bodies off his man and spins to pass it to Zetterberg moving forward. Matt Read doesn't have the heart to cruelly pull down Z and give him the goal anyway, so he skates it almost all the way in and puts it in. Cleary is going to earn a plus-and-a-half on this series. Not only does he get the ultimate clear to set up the goal, but he also had a great play to clear the puck just prior, which set up the Flyer's need to make kind of a bad entry and centering attempt.

Penalty Adjustments

1st Period 1:42 - Danny DeKeyser (hooking): DeKeyser turns the puck over in the defensive zone and the Flyers get a good chance off the turnover. DeKeyser hooks his guy to prevent a shot and goes to the box. Minus for DeKeyser.
1st Period 06:49 - Michael Raffl (hooking):
The Wings are breaking out of their own zone when Weiss makes a pass to a covered Franzen. Mule turns the body to protect the puck and gets a hooking call against Raffl. I don't think this is a good call, but Franzen will get a half-plus for the right move to make it easy for the refs to call it.
1st Period 16:29 - Tye McGinn (tripping): Datsyuk makes a great move at the top of the Philadelphia zone and McGinn pulls him down as a result. Plus for Datsyuk.
1st Period 19:35 - Braydon Coburn (holding):
The Wings get another power play to end the first period as some good board battling in the Philadelphia zone leads to a holding penalty for Coburn, who holds his man for too long against the boards. This is more on Coburn, but Abdelkader recognizes the hold and gets his feet moving to force the call. Half-plus for Abby.

2nd Period 03:19 - Luke Glendening (holding): The Wings go short-handed early in the 2nd as Glendening races back to the Wings zone for a loose puck tied up with Mike Raffl. Glendening loses position and a bit of balance and grabs onto Raffl, earning the penalty. Minus for Glendening.
2nd Period 09:10 Luke Schenn - (holding):
Todd Bertuzzi earns one with a solid skate through the Philadelphia zone which causes his man to grab on. Plus for Bertuzzi.
2nd Period 13:52 - Jonathan Ericsson (holding):
Ericsson turns a puck over and then ends up holding in the defensive zone trying to make up for his screwup. Riggy will get a minus.
2nd Period 14:37 - Wayne Simmonds (holding):
Drew Miller gets the manpower even again with some great hustle to out-work Simmonds and draw a holding penalty. Plus for Miller.

3rd Period 02:47 - Braydon Coburn (high stick): In the corner of the Flyers' zone, Coburn gets his stick up in Bertuzzi's grill and goes for a sit. No adjustment.
3rd Period 10:00 - Stephen Weiss (slashing):
Weiss loses his containment on Brayden Schenn along the boards, allowing the Flyer to walk to the center for a scoring chance. In a panic, Weiss slashes his man to prevent a good shot. Minus for Weiss.
3rd Period 19:41 - Kris Newbury (slashing): This is a shitty retaliation by a meatheaded jerkoff on a clean hit by Tootoo, but it's not a drawn call. No adjustment. I hope Tootoo's ok.

Bonus Ratings

+1.5 to Henrik Zetterberg: Z was very good in this one with controlling the puck and deserved a higher rating.
-1 to Johan Franzen and Stephen Weiss, +1 to Justin Abdelkader: Abby was moved to this line to create a spark and that's generally what he did, but he was victimized by ineffective teammates. Franzen and Weiss were invisible in this one. They got absolutely murdered on possession in this game and consistently killed momentum.
+1 to Jordin Tootoo: I think Tootoo got a little unlucky in this one and didn't deserve to be a -1.5 comparatively.
-1.5 to Daniel Cleary: The last shift of the game and a few other shifts he was good, but as unlucky as Tootoo got, Cleary was luckier. He had an absolutely infuriatingly lazy skate off the ice which cost the power play a zone entry on an offsides call and generally wasn't very effective.
+0.5 to Joakim Andersson, +1 to Drew Miller and Luke Glendening: Bonus pluses for the PKing forwards who carried the heavy load in the Wings' perfect and effective penalty kill in this game.
+1 to Jonathan Ericsson and Niklas Kronwall: Ditto for the PKing top pair who moved the puck very effectively and kept the net-front clear.
+1 to Brian Lashoff + 0.5 to Jakub Kindl: Lashoff had an absolutely phenomenal stick check in this one which might have saved a goal (but I can't be sure). I thought he was quiet in a very good way. Kindl also had a quietly good night

Honorable Mentions:

Kyle Quincey should be lauded for a very good effort, but his regular adjustments drove him to lead all defensemen in this one, so a bonus adjustment wasn't necessary. He got his pluses where it counted.

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Season Totals Chart

Screener's Assist Totals

Player Name Screener's Assists Totals
Jonathan Ericsson 1
Johan Franzen 1
Justin Abdelkader 0.5
Todd Bertuzzi 1