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CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 2 - Blue Jackets 1

Curse you, Fur Door 210!
Curse you, Fur Door 210!
Kirk Irwin

After a matinee beat-down of the Bruins, the Red Wings headed back home to Detroit to meet the Columbus Blue Jackets in a day-after-Columbus-Day-Columbus-Day-matchup. The Jackets had Detroit's number last season, but at the end of a tightly-contested match, the Wings came away with a 2-1 victory.

The reffing in this one was at least kind of consistent in that I thought both teams were victims of a soft penalty call and both sides probably got away with some stuff that should have been a penalty. All three goals were basically special teams markers, except the first Detroit score came two seconds after a PP expired. Each team went 1/3 on the night. Once again, Detroit got outshot; Columbus held a 37-32 advantage in this one.

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Jonas Gustavsson was absolutely the difference-maker in this game. I kind of lost track of how many routine saves he made to bail out his teammates, but I know that he had three pretty spectacular saves to keep the Jackets to only one goal. On the other side, I thought Bobrovsky played well also. But somebody had to lose and I'm glad it was that other jerk and not our guy.

The Goals

1st Period 05:05 - Detroit Goal: Daniel Alfredsson (slap shot) from Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg
The Wings get on the board first as Alfredsson slams home a loose puck from in front just after the expiration of a penalty. Late in the man advantage, the Jackets control in their own zone. Alfredsson steps up to lay a big hit on Tyutin in the corner, but the puck escapes and sends MacKenzie and Anisimov the other way on a shorthanded 2-on-1. The cross-ice feed misses, which allows the Wings to come back with speed. Bertuzzi crosses the blue line at the center and hands off to Alfredsson on the left wing side. Alfie immediately goes back to Zetterberg coming in behind Bert in the middle. Johnson and Tyutin collapse as Bert goes to the front and Z takes it into the slot. Hank tries a cross-ice pass to Datsyuk for an easy put-away, but Tyutin blocks it with his stick. Before either D-man can get it cleared, Datsyuk pokes it to the left dot where Alfredsson steps into it for a one-timer through the goalie and in. This goal goes in two seconds after Boll comes out. I'm going to clear the pluses for Kronwall, Alfredsson, Bertuzzi, Datsyuk, and Zetterberg. This is a power play goal. Ultimately, I think the Wings got a little lucky that the Jackets missed on a pretty good shorthanded opportunity to allow them to come back up ice with numbers.

2nd Period 07:48 - Columbus Goal (PP): Cam Atkinson (wrist shot) unassisted
The Jackets pull even on a great individual rush on the power play by Atkinson going coast-to-coast and following up his own rebound to slam home a goal. Detroit gets a good clear and is preventing the Jackets from gaining the zone when Drew Miller pokes a puck around Gaborik, threatening to at least start a chance. Gaborik continues on his path to block Miller's path and Atkinson picks it up circling from his own blue line back to the middle of the Columbus zone before turning back up ice. Atkinson turns on the jets as he crosses the center stripe. Glendening gets over to hassle him from behind while DeKeyser sets up in his path, but this leaves him undeterred. A strong job bodying the puck and a quick move backhand-to-forehand shakes Glendening and gets him around DeKeyser just above the crease. Atkinson tries shoving the shot through Gustavsson, but is stopped only to have the puck roll over to Gustavsson's right where Atkinson is able to jam it in before DeKeyser can get his stick lifted. This is a great play by Atkinson to turn on the jets and catch the Wings' PK. I'm still going to punish the two guys responsible for letting him get away with it though. DeKeyser is the main culprit and simply can't get walked like this. Meanwhile, Glendening is a bit too far up ice to get back on time and help slow Atkinson down as he bears in on the defense. Glendening will get a half-minus and DeKeyser a full minus for the coverage.

2nd Period 11:14 - Detroit Goal (PP): Todd Bertuzzi (backhand) from Henrik Zetterberg and Niklas Kronwall
The Wings get the lead back on a power play marker off a net-front scrum and kind of an odd bounce. The Wings get set in the zone and start to move it around. Datsyuk gets to a puck in the corner off a Bobrovsky save and settles it, passing to Alfredsson behind the net before receiving it back. This forces the PKers to collapse to the dots. Datsyuk passes it back to Kronwall at the point with a lane on the net and Bertuzzi in front. Bobrovsky saves it just as Bert has his feet taken from under him by Frodo Twerkin'. The rebound bounces to Zetterberg at the right faceoff dot. Z winds up for a one-timer, but ends up popping the puck in the air. Farter Bin-Laden watches it fly back over his shoulder and land in front. Bertuzzi has just gotten up at this point and barely touches it as it bounces in on Bobrovsky, but he gets just enough to squeak it through the pads, where Borovsky trying to close off his five-hole does the rest of the work to propel the puck into the net. It's not pretty, but I'll take it. The play by Datsyuk here does most of the work to get the PKers out of position. Datsyuk will get a half-plus for this.

Penalty Adjustments

1st Period 03:03 - Jared Boll (holding): The fourth line has a good shift culminating in a hold from Jared Boll on Tootoo as he escapes the coverage. Great hustle by Tootoo will earn him a plus. I'm also going to give a half-plus to Miller. A good poke-check by him is what originally springs Tootoo behind Boll to help him draw it.
1st Period 11:33 - Niklas Kronwall (interference): The Blue Jackets get good zone pressure around Gustavsson. Trying to prevent an open man situation in front, Kronner ties up Gaborik and gets whistled. Minus for Kronwall.
1st Period - Ryan Johansen (holding):
The Wings get a break when Columbus ends their own power play. DeKeyser bodies off Johansen in the corner and the youngster takes his free hand off the stick to hold DeKeyser back. It's more dumb on Johansen's part, but DeKeyser is doing the right thing when he draws this. Half-plus for DeKeyser.
1st Period 19:16 - Brian Lashoff (interference):
The Wings get caught scrambling in their own end again. Lashoff and Boll race to the goalpost on Gustavsson's right as the play circles around. Lashoff wins the race, but loses the whistle battle as he forces Boll into the net. This one's probably a little soft, but Lashoff essentially checks his man here away from the puck. Minus for Lashoff.

2nd Period 06:45 - Johan Franzen (interference): The Blue Jackets are moving the puck through center ice off a Franzen turnover when Mule takes Jenner down to stop the rush. Pretty easy call to make. Minus for Franzen.
2nd Period 10:20 - Derek MacKenzie (interference):
The Wings' third line gets good pressure on cycling around behind the net when Derek MacKenzie takes a run at a guy without any interest in playing the puck. This is a dumbshit play by MacKenzie. No adjustment.

Bonus Ratings

+1 to Henrik Zetterberg, +0.5 to Todd Bertuzzi: While Pavel was Pavelin', I thought Zetterberg was the more-consistent guy on that line in this game. He was all over the scoresheet. Bert has really taken to the mucker-and-grinder role on the top line for the Wings and played well.
+1 to Daniel Alfredsson: Not just the goal in this one, but Alfredsson was much more aggressive in this game than he has been and had fewer of the "offensive winger" kind of mistakes you hate to see.
+1 to Jordin Tootoo, Drew Miller, and Luke Glendening: Detroit's fourth line was incredibly effective in this game at creating turnovers and wearing down defenders. I thought they had some of the best even strength chances of this one.
-1 to Jonathan Ericsson: I'm going to match him to the overall play of his linemate in this one. There were some unacceptable turnovers for these two in this game and I thought they got away with quite a bit as far as their passing. Not an awful game, but I expect better from the top pair.
+1 to Kyle Quincey, +0.5 to Jakub Kindl: I thought Q was the Wings' best defenseman in this game overall and Kindl was the best puck-mover. Both of these guys carried their pair.
+1 to Brian Lashoff: Another quietly solid game. It's going to be really hard to put Brendan Smith back in the lineup if Lashoff can put these games together consistently.

Honorable Mentions:

Franzen kept his feet moving for more of this game than usual, but it didn't end up helping him much. I saw spurts of the type of play I'd like to see, but not enough of it. DeKeyser was solid again, but didn't stand out much.

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Screener's Assist Totals

Player Name Screener's Assists Totals
Jonathan Ericsson 1
Johan Franzen 1
Justin Abdelkader 0.5
Todd Bertuzzi 1