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CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 4 - Avalanche 2

A typical night in Denver. Wings fans rocking the Pepsi Center again.
A typical night in Denver. Wings fans rocking the Pepsi Center again.
Doug Pensinger

The Red Wings ended the Avalanche's win streak in the most-satisfying victory on the season so far, especially after Patrick Roy's team got the dirtbaggery started early with a Cody McLeod cheapshot on Niklas Kronwall.

The reffing standard didn't make much sense in this game. I'll leave it at that. Both power plays went 2-for-5 on the night and Colorado outshot the Wings 40-28.

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Jonas Gustavsson was a roller-coaster ride in this game. He put up a .950 save percentage on the night with some incredible saves, but also I thought the two goals he allowed were kind of weak. I'll take it for the backup to be 3-0 just eight games into the season though.

The Goals

1st Period 06:08 - Detroit Goal (PP): Johan Franzen from Henrik Zetterberg and Jakub Kindl
The Wings get on the board first after wasting a 5-on-3 opportunity during the McLeod major. Zetterberg does well to gather a loose puck off a Kindl shot that's pushed to the low corner thanks to a stick-lift on Benoit. A quick give-and-go with Franzen re-sets the play just before Hank finds Mule going to the front behind Benoit. Mule spins and throws it top corner before Varlamov can react and it's 1-0. Zetterberg will get a plus for his work on this power play to keep the puck and pressure on in the zone.

1st Period 15:00 - Detroit Goal: Pavel Datsyuk (wrist shot) from Danny DeKeyser and Daniel Alfredsson
The Wings get their 2nd of the night after fighting through board battles to make a bit of room for a shot with a guy on the doorstep. The Wings are able to kill off a power play and get their top guns out there. Zetterberg, Datsyuk, and Alfredsson combine to dump the puck in and then retrieve on the forecheck. Alfredsson works heavily in the low corner to Varlamov's right protecting the puck from Hejda while Zetterberg drags his man off the boards. Alfie uses this lane to get it to DeKeyser at the point, who quickly tosses it on net. Datsyuk tips it on net and Varlamov stops it, but Pavs turns around, collects the loose puck and slams it home. I'm going to give bonus pluses to Datsyuk and Zetterberg with a bonus plus and a half to Alfredsson. This is great work on the boards to free up the puck and create a goal.

2nd Period 02:36 - Colorado Goal (PP): Erik Johnson (wrist shot) from Semyon Varlamov
The Avs get on the board on a power play opportunity with a snipe shot on the rush. The Wings get a clear after a rebound and Varlamov drops it off behind his own net for Erik Johnson to carry up ice. Johnson coasts through the neutral zone with Zetterberg hounding him from behind and Datsyuk watching two men on the right wing while Quincey backs into the Wings' zone. Q takes a bit of a soft angle, which gets Johnson to the top of the right faceoff circle where he snaps it over Gustavsson's shoulder. It's a bad goal to give up, but I don't like Zetterberg and Quincey giving up a shot from there. Both Zetterberg and Quincey will pull a half-minus on this play.

2nd Period 14:42 - Colorado Goal (PP): Gabriel Landeskog (snap shot) from Paul Stastny
The Avalanche tie it up on another odd power play goal. Stastny wins a neutral zone faceoff to Landeskog coming into the zone. Ericsson is covering, but Landeskog snaps it through Gustavsson's five hole from distance. This is a bad goal, but the clean faceoff loss has a hand in creating it. Minus for Datsyuk. Can't lose this play like this.

3rd Period 07:10 - Detroit Goal (PP): Johan Franzen (wrist shot) from Justin Abdelkader and Daniel Alfredsson
Detroit retakes the lead on a power play after some scary shorthanded opportunities for the Avs. Finally, Alfredsson gets the puck up through center ice, crossing the blue line and trying to feather a pass to Weiss on the left wing which gets knocked down. Abdelkader steps up and grabs the loose puck while Alfredsson peels off to the point and Weiss goes to the front of the net. Abby lets his momentum carry him to the outside of the faceoff dot before he finds Franzen on the opposite side with a beauty of a pass. Mule snaps it over the glove for what will be the game-winner. No adjustment on this play. This is how power play goals should work.

3rd Period 13:35 - Detroit Goal: Pavel Datsyuk (wrist shot) from Daniel Alfredsson
The Wings get breathing room in the second half of the third period thanks to some great offensive zone work. The Wings get a change while Erik Johnson rags the puck in his own zone waiting for his teammates to do the same. Pavel Datsyuk is the lone forechecker for the Wings on this play who chases Johnson to the left-side boards as he tries to esit the zone. Despite having Benoit as an outlet, Johnson insists on outmuscling Datsyuk up the boards, which works as well as you'd expect. Pavel gets help at the blue line as Alfredsson steps up and separates the puck from Johnson, coming back into the zone with only Benoit back while Zetterberg drives to the right side of the crease behind the Avs defense. A tiny bobble and sliding play by Benoit prevents the cross-crease pass, but the collapse by the remainder of the defense kind of forgets to actually pressure the puck-carrier. It's only three seconds, but it feels like an eternity that Alfie holds it as he backs from the bottom of the circle on the left side to the outside hash marks. Datsyuk jumps into the play and Alfredsson feeds a puck into the hole left by four collapsing D-men hoping to pick up the man. Pavel chucks a backhander on net that Varlamov kicks out to the side right where Datsyuk is heading to follow up his own shot. Pavel puts it into the net to end the scoring on the night. Great play by Alfredsson and Datsyuk, who will each get a bonus plus on this play.

Penalty Adjustments

1st Period 02:13 - Cody McLeod (boarding): McLeod drives Niklas Kronwall's head into the boards in an insanely dirty hit. This garbage has no place in the game. No Adjustment.
1st Period 02:13 - Jonathan Ericsson (roughing): No adjustment. This is the right response by Ericsson.
1st Period 03:45 - Ryan Wilson (hooking): The Wings get a good scoring opportunity on 4-on-4, which leaves Alfredsson alone in front. Wilson has no choice but to hook his man to prevent a better chance. Plus for Alfredsson.
1st Period 06:19 - Todd Bertuzzi (slashing): This is a horseshit call on a stick-on-stick tap. Embarrassing shit here. No adjustment.
1st Period 12:19 - Stephen Weiss (interference):
You can't step in front of a guy who doesn't have the puck. Minus for Weiss.

2nd Period 00:42 - Todd Bertuzzi (holding): The Wings give up a good scoring chance early in the second and Bertuzzi goes to the box for holding Landeskog. Minus for Bertuzzi.
2nd Period 13:08 - Drew Miller (cross-checking):
In the run-up to a fight with Sarich, he and Miller cross-check each other a couple of times, but the refs only give Miller an extra penalty because why not? No adjustment.
2nd Period 15:16 - John Mitchell (tripping):
The Red Wings finally get another power play opportunity as John Mitchell trips Daniel Alfredsson in the Colorado zone. This is more good hustle and another plus for Alfredsson.

3rd Period 05:34 - Alex Tanguay (hooking): On a faceoff, some strong work to protect the puck ends up with Tanguay in the box for hooking thanks to the third drawn penalty by the same player. Alfredsson will get another plus.
3rd Period 19:39 - Danny DeKeyser (slashing):
Late in the game, the Wings are running around in their own zone while the Avs have the goalie pulled for the extra skater. The refs were bound to call something here and DK just happened to give them the best excuse with a slash on Duchene. Minus for DeKeyser.

Bonus Ratings

+2 to Johan Franzen, +1 to Stephen Weiss: Solid games out of both of these players. Franzen was especially motivated.
+1 to Daniel Cleary and Joakim Andersson: The PK stalwarts on forward for the Wings in this one did a very good job limiting chances when they were on the ice.
+1 to Danny DeKeyser: He made some mistakes in this game, but overall, he was essentially thrust into Kronwall's role and I thought he played very well all things considered
+1.5 to Kyle Quincey: Easily the best Red Wings' defenseman in this game and it wasn't close. The stickwork and body positioning were fantastic for Quincey.

Honorable Mentions:

I hope Cody McLeod gets suspended forever.

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Screener's Assist Totals

Player Name Screener's Assists Totals
Jonathan Ericsson 1
Johan Franzen 1
Justin Abdelkader 0.5
Todd Bertuzzi 1