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Cody McLeod to have In-Person Hearing for Boarding Hit on Niklas Kronwall

Doug Pensinger

Sportsnet's Nick Kypreos with the news this morning.

In case you missed the hit, you can see it in .gif form here in the main site's post. You can also watch the video feed below. Be warned that it's the Altitude feed and if you have your volume on, you're going to hear some shitty announcing in the immediate aftermath of a hit that any normal human being should immediately recognize as dangerous.

The in-person hearing is a feature of the CBA which is a prelude to the league being able to suspend a player for more than five games. McLeod will remain suspended pending the hearing and any games he misses during that time will count in whatever eventual suspension he gets.

McLeod had a hit reviewed in late 2011 on a similar dirty boarding play where he ran Jared Spurgeon into the dasher, but he wasn't suspended for it then. He would not be considered a repeat offender and this incident would likely not factor in.

If there is something that's going to save McLeod a few games, it's this.

On the replay, it does look like the last-second turn Kronwall takes adds to the danger, but McLeod is looking at numbers the entire time. There is not a point in time when McLeod is on the right angle to make this check and he finishes hard on a defenseless player.

My guess? I think the in-person hearing is there to import on McLeod the importance of not running people from behind and that he'll end up with 3-5 games.  I hope I'm wrong and that he gets more, but we'll have to wait and see.